Good n gammon – Edition XI: See the secret document Gunner signed

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A big week in the Northern Territory and as we adjust to a post innocence, post Speaker Purick world with ICAC announcing itself. From the document the Chief Minister signed in his role on the Shenzhen-Darwin Sister City Committee, to our GoFundMe campaign to free Dr Hugh Heggie – or take him by force – to the NT restaurateur who has added B&D to the menu, this is what is good and what is gammon this week.

Attack of the ICAC

Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Ken Fleming rolled out his first major finding this week. While his body may lack the funding required to attempt to fully properly tackle the NT’s sad history of corruption the fact it is exists and is holding powerful people to account is momentous.

Having a functioning ICAC as a watchdog is good.

Expanding services

It is good when businesses can diversify to survive like warung owner Amye Un who has seemingly gone from laksa manufacturer to bogan bondage and discipline practitioner, aka  dominatrix.

A donga and an internet connection

One of our article commenters known only as Scarlet Pimpernel once referred to us (relatively accurately) as three blokes in a donga in East Arm, with this comment: “Is it possible that 3 feral looking blokes in a Donga in East Arm: Have a Government Administration sweating in fear? Have the main media player journalists writing the nicest articles about the current Government I have ever seen in my life.”

Three men. One donga. One scared government.

Media oversight of government is good.

Bunker life

Speaking of a scared government, it has been 15 days since the Chief Minister Michael Gunner fled from the NT Independent at a press conference outside and retreated to the warm embrace of Parliament House and an ‘invite only’ press conference. It seems our poor agoraphobic Chief has not been outside since, certainly not to hold a press conference, where he is clearly unsafe from three men from a donga with a website. We would suggest he get a personal consultation from Chief Health Officer Dr Hugh Heggie if he didn’t have him locked up in a Girraween gulag.

The Chief hiding from three men in a donga and blocking the free press is gammon.

The Chief Minister boldly fronting the media in his bunker explaining everything he did on his October holiday in China.

Sister City Committee

As we learnt this week, Mr Gunner is the secretary of the Shenzhen-Darwin Sister City Committee, something his Chinese friends had asked him to keep quiet despite the NT Independent wanting to help him spread the good news. But now in a massive exclusive we have retrieved the document he ‘signed’. See below.

Mr Gunner, always be nice to the cleaners.

Good friends are good to have but signing secret deals and not telling Territorians about it is gammon.

Free Hugh Heggie

As we reported exclusively in Good n’ gammon last week we believe Dr Heggie is being held as a political prisoner in a Girraween gulag because the NT Government do not want his COVID-19 advice on the borders being made public. As the media outlet of the people, and of democracy, we have started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money either for legal representation or to raise and arm a militia to free the Northern Territory’s #1 health freedom fighter and future Chief Minister.

Click here to donate to this most important of causes.

An epic fiction

The William Wallace award this week, once again doesn’t get awarded for the actual massacring of English but instead, the murdering of the spirit of the words. Take a bow NT Government News editor Matt Williams for his take on the end of the Centralian Advocate as a printed paper – including the reduction of staff from about five journos to two – in its web only new existence. The real flaw in its digital-only future still remains it not having its own website despite News Corp’s sneaky shenanigans promoting which just takes you to

“This is not the end of the Centralian Advocate — it’s just a new beginning,” he said.

And we could not think of a better way to improve a paper and provide a ‘new beginning’ than shutting it down and then pretending you didn’t. What a truly exciting new beginning it is indeed. Onwards and upwards Centralian Advocate…even though you are now only a figment of News Corp’s imagination.

Spin doctoring is gammon. It should be left to the politicians.

“Go back to Sydney and tell them there that Alice Springs’ daughters and sons are yours no more. Tell them Alice Springs is free.” – William Wallace

It’s buljit

On Monday, an ICAC investigation found that Member of Goyder Kezia Purick engaged in “corrupt conduct”, repeatedly lied to investigators and breached the public trust about her involvement in interfering in the establishment of the North Australia Party, which Mr Mills had looked at forming in 2018.

The fact she did “not accept the findings” of the ICAC but was resigning as speaker anyway to ‘protect the integrity of the Office of the Speaker’, said without a hint of irony, just made it worse.

What you said was good n’ gammon

Peter Chandler: The “Party’s” over…perhaps its time to vote for an Independent! 😳
Benji Christie: How gammon these idiots. Professional criminals that spill verbal diahorrea on the streets. Great to see locals see the need to exile these clowns.
Glenda Stripling: Glad to see Terry Mills showing his true colours for all to see and reversing his support of fracking. He is never to be believed
Eddie Kitching: To slow to old [politicians] .. Go retire the lot of them.
Sam Burt: YOU MOB [NT Independent] not reporting on the poll results ,straight up gammon
Alan Karslake: really disappointed in kezia…liar and hypocrite. As for the booze, aren’t they all in on the racket?
Sadly the only thing our ICAC has come up with is a so called independent who cannot be said to be independent. Our inglorious ALP and CLP have done far worse, and yet…. nothing at all.. We are being treated as fools… Again!!
John Hatcher: I think they should have investigated and question the ex speakers grog bill.
Phil Duffield: The last week has convinced me that none of the parties are worth voting for.

More good n’ gammon

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