Confidential Information

There are several ways you can share confidential information with the NT Independent. Importantly if you are a whistleblower providing us with sensitive documents you can do so anonymously. If you want to remain anonymous don’t use a phone, computer or email address that is connected to you unless you take some of the precautions below. Please be aware there is no 100 percent secure system but methods listed below will help protect you in dealing with NT Independent journalists. You should do you own research into the security of these methods.


Signal is an end-to-end encrypted smartphone app for secure phone calls and messaging which you can also use to send pictures and videos. Messages can also be set to auto-delete.

You need to text or call from the Signal app on a phone or from a computer, not by using normal text messages or phone calls.

Chris Walsh: 0427 429 982
David Wood: 0418 797 276


ProtonMaill is a secure email service which sends and stores your emails in encrypted form. The service even says it cannot decrypt or share your data with third parties. Although there are high end security limits.

You should use your own ProtonMail account when sending to the NT Independent’s for better security. 

Send us an email at [email protected]

Old school post

You can also send information to us in the mail. You should use an external post box.

Att: Editorial 
NT Independent
PO Box 291
Berrimah NT 0828

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