Good n’ gammon – Edition VI: It’s about Lia Fena-cario

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Another week in the Territory, cosy and locked away from those nasty, virus spreading southerners. From the politicians looking after the other side of politics, to a COVID-19 patient being screwed over by a pollie wanting publicity – all that is good n’ gammon this week.

Over and out for COVID-19 in the NT (at least for now)

The NT Government announced this week that the last patient with COVID-19 in the NT had tested negative for the virus. Chief Minister Michael Gunner and his team have had a massive job to help save lives and it must have been an extremely stressful few months. Through their decisions (and some luck) they have kept the Territory safer from the virus that the rest of the nation.

The efforts by the Gunner Government restricting COVID-19 have been good.

But one poor old mate

On COVID-19, on Thursday the Health Minister Natasha Fyles made the announcement about the negative test. Unfortunately for the bloke, the NT Independent understands, he tested negative at 6pm on Wednesday night but had to stay in quarantine overnight so the minister could have another positive press conference in media-friendly hours. If there was anyone who would have been tonguing for a beer and a schnitty it would have been him.

Keeping that bloke in quarantine so the government could spruik his health is gammon.

Friends are the family you can choose

Natasha Fyles wearing her heart on her sleeve, well on her whole jacket actually.

Speaking of the popular member for Nightcliff, deep in this global coronavirus pandemic, it was good to see her getting all bipartisan on our arses and doing some CLP marketing for them, coming up with the term ‘Treasurer Tracey’. This was in response to Lia Emele Finocchiaro announcing the CLP’s candidate for the seat of a Bay Named Fannie, Tracey Hayes, would be treasurer if the conservative party #1, took government on August 22.

It is good Minister Fyles is looking after her mates in these troubled times. Perhaps this is a first step towards a unity government in the NT.

The change in the weather

It is cooler now in the Top End but dropping down near zero around Alice and cold in other parts.

The weather in the Top End is good but overnight temperatures further south are gammon.

Boundless Venesable

Labor candidate for Daly Anthony Venes posted on Facebook: “Always enjoy spending time in Adelaide River. This small picturesque township, it offers so much.” And didn’t say what it offered, like it offers nothing. To be fair he did include a picture of a brahman cross calf and a picture of himself in front of the old train, a picture of himself in front of the war cemetery and a picture of himself in his portable campaign gazebo. Now you can visit the town with the hope of having your photo taken in a spot where the obvious choice for future tourism minister, Mr Venes stood.

Adelaide River is good but Anthony Venes makes it seem gammon.

More good n’ gammon

Independent like a tiger?

Graphic designers are the drummers of the media world. We asked one to change our Facebook page image to reflect our biggest stories of the week and this is what appeared. A random tiger with what appears to be a map of the NT birth mark.

The tiger image is gammon (but strangely also good).

A bi-lingual language slaughterer

The William Wallace award for massacring English goes to the Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack. However in this instance he massacred Italian as well. Mick was talking to Katie Woolf on Mix 104.9 when he mentioned CLP Leader Lia Finocchiaro. Unfortunately for him, he called her Fena-cario. We salute you Mr Muc-co-or-muck.

 It’s all for nothing if you can’t pronounce Finocchiaro.

It’s buljit!

Buljit is a step up from gammon in the bullshit stakes. And we reckon the ABC’s video about the Chief Minister’s changing image was buljit coming from the national broadcaster. We get the point – and wrote about something ourselves way back when but the substance is lacking. However it is better than the earlier image where they had him looking like Churchill – or some wartime hero leader.


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