Who has won the most contracts from the NT Government since 2013

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The NT Independent published a list of the top 200 money earners from the NT Government since 2013. Now we look at what companies have won the most government contracts, with two NT firms making the top five, with one being the highest money earner on the list.

GHD was awarded 138 contracts, and it was the only company to be awarded more than 100 contracts.

The multinational firm, which has a Darwin office and provides engineering, architecture, environment and construction services, won contracts totaling $20.4 million.

KPMG comes in at second place with 95 contracts totaling $17.9 million. KPMG is also multinational firm, with a local office providing auditing, tax and consulting services.

In third place is Scope Building NT, which has won 88 contracts for a total of $76 million, and is the highest money earner in the top 10 awarded contracts. Scope Building NT is a locally owned commercial construction company with offices in Darwin and Alice Springs.

Rounding out the top five was locally owned multi-service provider Akron Group NT with 67 contracts for a total of $49.7 million, and international engineering and consultancy firm Jacobs Group, with 61 contracts totaling $10.9 million.

The top 10 is completed with C&R Constructions, Deloitte Touche Tohmnatsu, Cardno, Charles Darwin University, and Ernst & Young who all have been award more than five contracts each.


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See the 500 most awarded companies below.

1GHD Pty Ltd138 $20,389,441.16 
2KPMG95 $17,908,748.32 
3Scope Building NT Pty Ltd88 $75,957,849.34 
4Akron Group NT Pty Ltd67 $49,668,504.37 
5Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd61 $10,853,092.77 
6C & R Constructions Pty Ltd58 $51,425,339.54 
7Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu57 $13,192,821.94 
8Cardno (NT) Pty Ltd56 $6,320,332.69 
9Charles Darwin University55 $7,252,025.52 
10Ernst & Young50 $10,442,179.62 
11WTD Constructions Pty Ltd47 $34,402,667.29 
12MPH Carpentry and Construction Pty Ltd46 $24,193,666.95 
13Whatareya Pty Ltd46 $22,459,608.08 
14Sterling NT Pty Ltd44 $35,113,910.72 
15Downer Edi Works Pty Ltd43 $69,147,498.60 
16Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd42 $10,026,332.24 
17Aldebaran Contracting Pty Ltd40 $72,233,789.27 
18Scott Hammet Building and Carpentry Pty Ltd39 $43,646,303.03 
19Area9 Pty Ltd39 $31,326,936.30 
20Earthbuilt Pty Ltd38 $8,407,787.60 
21Merit Partners Pty Ltd38 $5,936,700.47 
22NEC IT Services Australia Pty Ltd37 $125,475,771.59 
23Advance Civil Engineering Pty Ltd37 $56,933,356.01 
24Wolpers Grahl Pty Ltd36 $28,707,380.57 
25Woodhill & Sons Pty Ltd36 $19,095,401.65 
26S&R Building & Construction Pty Ltd35 $11,903,670.26 
27McMahon Services Australia (NT) Pty Ltd34 $15,513,515.03 
28GHD34 $1,778,201.51 
29Custom AV Pty Ltd33 $10,058,750.52 
30Cypdon Pty Ltd33 $5,550,069.87 
31Timber and Steel Constructions Pty Ltd32 $10,554,617.01 
32Cairns Industries Pty Ltd32 $8,321,778.04 
33NICCON (NT) Pty Ltd32 $5,297,104.33 
34Keep Moving Pty Ltd32 $4,681,125.61 
35Allan King & Sons Construction Pty Ltd31 $124,041,819.32 
36Boog Air Pty Ltd31 $12,857,719.59 
37ITS Contracting Pty Ltd30 $11,289,442.08 
38Asbuild (NT) Pty Ltd29 $61,883,027.64 
39C and R Constructions Pty Ltd29 $22,824,961.98 
40Bennett Design Pty Ltd29 $5,932,980.48 
41KCOM Constructions Pty Ltd29 $5,778,744.44 
42Parkmore Investments Pty Ltd28 $13,216,341.03 
44Fyfe Pty Ltd28 $3,362,636.03 
45AECOM Australia Pty Ltd27 $2,608,709.90 
46IrwinConsult Pty Ltd27 $1,078,024.35 
47Zenco Constructions Pty Ltd26 $13,583,949.90 
48Territory Construction Services Pty Ltd26 $6,540,908.93 
49TDC Refrigeration Pty Ltd26 $3,983,796.74 
50Captovate Pty Ltd26 $2,629,210.81 
51ADG Engineers (Aust) Pty Ltd26 $1,581,191.49 
52Probuild NT25 $71,384,219.65 
53Patrick Homes & Construction Pty Ltd25 $17,425,500.11 
54Electrical & Fire Services Pty Ltd25 $5,534,282.16 
55ANT Construction and Development Pty Ltd25 $2,837,810.43 
56H & K Earthmoving Pty Ltd24 $14,149,471.25 
57Opus International Consultants (Australia) Pty Ltd24 $3,408,214.84 
58Colemans Contracting & Earthmoving Pty Ltd23 $27,529,160.60 
59NT Link Pty Ltd23 $12,601,179.69 
60Davrol Rural Management Pty Ltd23 $5,187,719.97 
61Harris Kmon Solutions Pty Ltd23 $1,541,932.99 
62SD Painters Pty Ltd23 $1,523,374.99 
63Downer Edi Works22 $36,547,943.51 
64Suffren Contracting and Plant Hire Pty Ltd22 $21,604,974.34 
65Delta Electrics NT Pty Ltd22 $11,117,456.35 
66Semcorp NT22 $1,254,972.00 
67Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd21 $41,823,806.18 
68Northern Transportables Pty Ltd21 $11,778,440.89 
69Harvey Developments (NT) Pty Ltd21 $10,278,113.37 
70Simon Byrne Pty Ltd21 $4,757,623.18 
71Tonkin Consulting21 $1,151,904.90 
72Norbuilt Pty Ltd20 $64,149,208.73 
73GEBIE Civil and Construction Pty Ltd20 $15,282,529.17 
74M & C Fior Constructions Pty Ltd20 $10,171,365.02 
75Aussie Mandias Pty Ltd20 $8,605,698.35 
76Atkin Building Co Pty Ltd20 $6,727,333.35 
77Zone A Pty Ltd20 $2,306,868.40 
78Merit Partners20 $482,685.00 
79Ribshire Pty Ltd19 $17,797,086.02 
80Piening Holdings Pty Ltd19 $12,700,582.70 
81Ausplumb (NT) Pty Limited19 $6,147,028.35 
82AAM Pty Ltd19 $3,417,013.17 
83Ostojic Group Pty Ltd18 $126,158,055.46 
84BMD Urban Pty Ltd18 $65,014,704.32 
85Roadtech Constructions Pty Ltd A/T/F The Roadtech Constructions Trust18 $20,913,923.70 
86Craven Diesel Services18 $18,277,735.79 
87Remote Civil Pty Ltd18 $6,979,999.02 
88Security & Technology Services (NT) Pty Ltd18 $5,405,374.41 
89Douglas Partners Pty Ltd18 $3,302,594.73 
90NT Repairs & Painting Pty Ltd18 $1,971,654.35 
91BTO Pty Ltd18 $1,688,264.74 
92Top End Welding Services Pty Ltd18 $1,323,627.02 
93Diggamen Civil Contracting18 $746,480.43 
94Cross Solutions18 $379,921.40 
95Sitzler Bros Pty Ltd17 $39,541,753.92 
96DAC Enterprises Pty Ltd17 $27,908,675.50 
97Wilson Security Pty Ltd17 $17,325,122.33 
98Paradise Landscaping (NT) Pty Ltd17 $16,307,876.07 
99Ross Engineering Pty Ltd17 $10,412,099.00 
100United Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services17 $10,171,794.54 
101D & C Dehne Constructions17 $9,562,752.53 
102DKJ projects.architecture Pty Ltd17 $4,565,380.75 
103Jacobs17 $834,463.18 
104Sonia Brownhill17 $605,910.00 
105Sitzler Pty Ltd16 $164,226,980.70 
106Yingwati Pty Ltd16 $17,847,708.12 
107Murray River North Pty Ltd16 $17,421,661.13 
108Emperor Refrigeration Pty Ltd16 $4,924,105.59 
109Nightcliff Electrical Pty Ltd16 $4,684,517.00 
110ECOZ Pty Ltd16 $1,042,774.50 
111Cardno16 $758,724.53 
112Vystan Interiors16 $468,976.00 
113Black Cat Civil Pty Ltd15 $30,017,591.00 
114Binjari Community Aboriginal Corporation15 $23,087,566.01 
115MacDonnell Regional Council15 $22,077,952.71 
116Ingkerreke Commercial Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Ingkerreke Operational Trust15 $16,586,933.57 
117John Bedwell Management Pty Ltd15 $11,780,066.57 
118Hi-Spec Civil Equipment Pty Ltd15 $5,709,151.66 
119Cremasco Civil Pty Ltd15 $4,225,020.74 
120Pivotal Building Services Pty Ltd15 $3,744,673.17 
121ACSM Builders Pty Ltd15 $1,707,750.00 
122N.T. Repairs & Painting Pty Ltd15 $1,533,242.85 
123Byrne Consultants15 $1,063,802.60 
124Power Projects NT (Pty Ltd)14 $16,643,922.81 
125S & R Building & Construction Pty Ltd14 $9,566,640.80 
126Phillips Earthmoving Contractors PL14 $6,249,953.82 
127B.I.G Carpentry Pty Ltd14 $5,327,884.90 
128LP Airconditioning Pty Ltd14 $4,574,250.33 
129NS Constructions (NT) Pty Ltd14 $4,359,880.00 
130B.I.G. Carpentry Pty Ltd14 $3,246,633.29 
131NT Sports and Playground Surfacing Pty Ltd14 $2,287,080.46 
132Tonkin Consulting Pty Ltd14 $2,168,374.51 
13Northern Trade Solutions14 $1,281,174.81 
135Darwin Convention Centre14 $958,640.05 
136NTBS Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd14 $949,627.37 
137Nicholl Constructions14 $702,768.50 
138Staples Australia Pty Limited13 $32,399,358.08 
139Probuild (NT) Pty Ltd13 $28,366,909.00 
140Pedersen NT Pty Ltd13 $21,070,424.50 
141ASPLUM Pty Ltd13 $15,188,998.07 
142Craven Diesel Services Pty. Ltd.13 $13,823,815.11 
143Mark Cundall Earthmoving Pty Ltd13 $12,467,528.28 
144Kone Elevators Pty Ltd13 $6,338,664.50 
145Stefan Magoulas13 $3,832,965.00 
146Roofclad Constructions (NT) Pty Ltd13 $3,355,744.60 
147Clayton Utz13 $2,691,207.46 
148Benash Maintenance Services Pty Ltd ATF Benash Family Trust13 $2,633,129.90 
149SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd13 $2,596,443.20 
150Stockwell Water & Gas Pty Ltd13 $2,387,071.00 
151Mode Design Corp Pty Ltd13 $1,929,031.50 
152Atkin Building Co. Pty. Ltd.13 $1,852,391.45 
153Delacoeur Indigenous Contracting13 $588,123.13 
154Deloitte13 $556,490.75 
155Pitney Bowes Software Pty Ltd13 $412,669.55 
156Earl James & Associates Pty Ltd13 $368,604.50 
157Ri-con Contractors Pty Ltd12 $27,052,664.15 
158United Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services Pty Ltd12 $11,731,365.76 
159ISAS – Integrated Switchgear and Systems Pty Ltd12 $6,725,948.08 
160FRM Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Pty Ltd12 $5,870,837.10 
161Arnhem Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd12 $5,471,149.48 
162Mugavin Contracting Pty Ltd12 $4,510,466.06 
163Lightning Electrical Services NT Pty Ltd12 $4,406,364.00 
164Bhagwan Marine Pty Ltd12 $4,028,880.31 
165Intergraph Corporation Pty Ltd12 $4,028,021.32 
166Community Staffing Solutions Australia Pty Ltd12 $4,005,335.49 
167Harvey Developments NT Pty Ltd12 $3,972,557.49 
168Territory Weed Management Pty Ltd12 $2,908,465.00 
169Katherine Constructions Pty Ltd12 $2,456,803.74 
170Hodgkison Pty Ltd12 $2,412,467.30 
171Device Technologies Australia Pty Ltd12 $2,107,807.08 
172Northern Building and Property Services12 $909,387.08 
173Chad Jacobi12 $489,586.00 
174Professional Roofing On Demand Pty Ltd12 $483,570.00 
175Craven Diesel Services Pty Ltd11 $18,665,452.60 
176GT BUILDERS PTY LTD11 $16,197,587.34 
177Chambers Engineering Services Pty Ltd11 $15,359,920.58 
178Aminjarrinja Enterprises Aboriginal Corporation11 $11,864,662.58 
179Power Projects (NT) Pty Ltd11 $11,800,460.83 
180Territory Technology Solutions Pty Ltd11 $9,744,612.71 
181MKEA Architects Pty Ltd11 $6,995,920.00 
182Scott Hammet Building & Carpentry Pty Ltd11 $6,521,565.90 
183SRA Information Technology Pty Ltd11 $6,281,545.20 
184Remote Industries Australia Pty Ltd11 $6,189,476.26 
185SMEC Australia Pty Ltd11 $5,230,774.41 
186Alan Birch Transport Pty Ltd11 $4,940,820.47 
187Dialog Pty Ltd11 $4,206,970.00 
188Victoria Daly Regional Council11 $3,543,475.27 
189Maxcon (NT) Pty Ltd11 $3,221,570.82 
190PricewaterhouseCoopers11 $3,160,734.70 
191Water Dynamics (NT) Pty Ltd11 $2,503,907.39 
192Medtronic Australasia Pty Ltd11 $1,974,561.92 
193Oracle Corporation Australia Pty Ltd11 $1,002,115.30 
194NT Shade and Canvas PTY LTD11 $988,765.00 
195Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec RFP11 $834,481.82 
196Mode Design Corp. Pty Ltd11 $815,086.50 
197Flanagan Consulting Group11 $722,422.51 
198AECOM11 $616,882.85 
199Greg O’Mahoney11 $615,010.00 
200Territory Rural11 $553,468.91 
Custom AV11 $469,910.55 
Elton Consulting11 $446,384.80 
Duncan McConnel11 $260,414.00 
Halikos Pty Ltd10 $119,841,282.00 
Masterpath Pty Ltd10 $23,334,421.40 
Chartair Pty Ltd10 $21,336,647.62 
NCP Contracting Pty Ltd10 $17,717,665.06 
Travis Drenth Constructions Pty Ltd10 $11,227,123.84 
Australian Childhood Foundation10 $10,542,237.12 
Fred NT Pty Ltd10 $9,262,190.05 
Far Northern Contractors Pty Ltd10 $8,240,002.34 
Olympus Australia Pty Ltd10 $8,230,320.90 
NJ Homes (NT) Pty Ltd10 $7,626,979.19 
Phillips Earthmoving Contractors Pty Ltd10 $7,123,015.72 
Jayrow Helicopters Pty Ltd10 $6,439,678.16 
Lavery Plumbing Pty Ltd10 $6,205,392.56 
Life Without Barriers10 $5,741,239.55 
Complete Constructions NT Pty Ltd as Trustee for HIQa Trust10 $5,674,036.70 
Charmban Pty Ltd10 $5,551,741.00 
Covidien Pty Limited10 $5,376,174.41 
Minter Ellison10 $4,293,259.66 
ESRI-Australia Pty Ltd10 $3,886,926.72 
Sterling Property Services Pty Ltd10 $3,552,967.71 
Tomlin Drilling Pty Ltd10 $2,664,146.60 
Kigilia Pty Ltd10 $2,480,003.65 
Electricon Contracting Pty Ltd10 $2,293,148.47 
Wellcain Pty Ltd10 $2,287,661.95 
Chandler Macleod Group Limited10 $1,849,617.33 
Power Quality Systems Pty Ltd10 $1,812,551.26 
Envirotech Monitoring Pty Ltd10 $1,349,729.83 
Rocket Software Pty Ltd10 $1,316,485.07 
DEC Installations NT Pty Limited10 $1,170,971.36 
Northern Trade Solutions Pty Ltd10 $1,124,774.35 
Life Technologies Australia Pty Ltd10 $1,083,100.62 
Hames Sharley (NT) Pty Ltd10 $954,765.35 
Territory Property Consultants Pty Ltd10 $952,601.50 
BG Group NT Pty Ltd10 $664,398.30 
SDA Plumbing Pty Ltd10 $607,709.64 
Australian Institute of Marine Science10 $565,972.00 
The Cool Guys10 $544,247.30 
Statplan Consulting Pty Ltd10 $525,710.00 
Associated Advertising & Promotions Pty Ltd10 $515,319.53 
Scope Building10 $506,238.20 
Dialog Information Technology10 $494,187.26 
OPUS10 $429,509.00 
REEAP Pty Ltd10 $357,202.97 
Fyfe10 $298,533.21 
Tom Anderson10 $281,160.00 
Telstra Corporation Limited9 $58,579,099.98 
DRG INDUSTRIES PTY LTD9 $24,865,965.00 
Mousellis & Sons Pty. Ltd.9 $22,801,382.67 
Central Desert Regional Council9 $11,921,796.26 
SDA & Co Pty Ltd9 $9,260,157.47 
Mousellis and Sons Pty Ltd9 $9,239,251.92 
DT Hobbs Pty Ltd9 $8,320,788.61 
Ingkerreke Outstations Resource Services9 $6,904,083.94 
Doyle Contracting Pty Ltd9 $4,940,835.00 
NT Feral Pig Harvesting Pty Ltd9 $4,116,230.50 
Veolia Energy Technical Services Pty Ltd9 $3,683,337.40 
Radical Systems Pty Ltd9 $3,651,205.40 
Security & Technology Services (NT)9 $3,256,212.60 
Ausplumb NT Pty Ltd9 $2,982,856.31 
Mario Vorrasi9 $2,428,505.50 
TB Construction (NT) Pty Ltd9 $2,304,532.06 
URS Australia Pty Ltd9 $2,035,009.20 
Bellette Media Pty Ltd9 $1,877,846.07 
Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia Pty Ltd9 $1,873,762.68 
Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd9 $1,752,713.71 
Nth Degree Engineering Services Pty Ltd9 $1,446,135.40 
Medical Equipment Management Australia Pty Ltd9 $1,029,960.02 
Hays Specialist Recruitment (Australia) Pty Limited9 $670,299.95 
Farmworld NT Pty Ltd9 $629,739.50 
A & J Communications Pty Ltd9 $567,602.73 
C.A.M. Shelving Contractors Pty. Limited9 $529,968.80 
HK Solutions9 $460,986.50 
Michels Warren Munday9 $436,305.15 
Kendel Building Co Pty Ltd9 $423,960.96 
Irwin Consult9 $356,361.80 
Basil Sansom9 $320,410.00 
Arthur Moses SC9 $303,750.00 
Southern Cross Protection Pty Ltd9 $218,928.06 
Alice Sheds & Structures9 $193,140.00 
DSM Soft (P) Ltd9 $87,618.14 
Exact Contracting Pty Ltd8 $104,327,593.82 
Sunbuild Pty Ltd8 $103,741,490.31 
Allan King & Sons Constructions Pty Ltd8 $59,418,208.60 
NEC Australia Pty Ltd8 $13,229,881.81 
NT Bitumen & Asphalt Pty Ltd8 $12,707,362.92 
IBM Australia Limited8 $12,511,511.41 
Regional Asset Maintenance Services Pty Ltd8 $10,310,731.92 
Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation8 $10,122,476.30 
Rdtech Constructions Pty Ltd A/T/F The Rdtech Constructions Trust8 $6,817,765.65 
JN Mousellis Family Trust8 $5,736,258.61 
Zippy Cleaning & Maintenance Services Pty Ltd as The Trustee for Zippy Unit Trust8 $4,502,398.68 
Deltareef Pty Ltd8 $4,340,505.70 
Defend Fire Services Pty Ltd8 $3,660,957.99 
Solidarity Cleaning Services Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Yap Family Trust8 $3,268,971.50 
Aurecon Australia Pty Ltd8 $2,959,282.09 
Aerometrex Pty Ltd8 $2,699,521.00 
Sinclair Knight Merz Pty Ltd8 $2,450,776.37 
Curtis Constructions (NT) Pty Ltd8 $2,407,396.25 
Squiz Australia Pty Ltd8 $2,176,273.00 
Turner & Townsend Thinc Pty Ltd8 $1,886,932.66 
Triple P Contracting Pty Ltd8 $1,755,887.18 
YBE (2) Pty Ltd8 $1,694,375.92 
MIP (Aust) Pty Ltd8 $1,642,070.10 
NGIS Australia Pty Ltd8 $1,245,635.90 
Stryker Australia Pty Ltd8 $1,243,822.09 
Totem Fencing Pty Ltd8 $1,237,306.04 
Jackman Gooden Architects (N.T.) Pty Ltd8 $1,217,451.00 
Cross Developments Pty Ltd8 $1,102,809.53 
Mobile Electrics (NT) Pty Ltd8 $1,054,494.29 
Hardy Fencing8 $694,010.61 
AEC Group Pty Ltd8 $634,781.63 
Boab Design Pty Ltd8 $632,800.20 
FujiFilm SonoSite Australasia Pty Ltd8 $627,123.20 
Precision Group NT Pty Ltd8 $602,239.14 
C & R Constructions8 $571,954.06 
Latitude 12 Pty Ltd8 $492,847.73 
Human Incite8 $462,220.00 
Air Power (NT) Pty Ltd8 $410,039.30 
Bullant Building8 $399,700.00 
Bennally Pty Ltd8 $389,265.68 
Threadfin Pty Ltd8 $380,325.00 
BCA Engineers8 $376,371.00 
Bennett Design8 $374,903.00 
Cohga Pty Ltd8 $359,841.52 
McMahon Services8 $353,445.10 
Territory Technology Solutions8 $317,860.37 
NT Repairs & Painting8 $288,674.90 
SDA Plumbing8 $275,186.48 
Fusion Exhibition & Hire Services8 $274,386.94 
Paul Walsh8 $227,478.00 
Nintex Pty Ltd8 $226,350.72 
Quality Plumbing & Building Contractors Pty Ltd7 $21,970,610.81 
Katherine Aviation Pty Ltd7 $17,143,975.62 
Quality Plumbing and Building Contractors Pty Ltd7 $14,184,370.30 
Siemens Healthcare Pty Ltd7 $14,134,436.32 
Power and Water Corporation7 $13,873,765.18 
Thamarrurr Development Corporation Ltd7 $11,504,829.94 
Pipeline Renovations Pty Ltd7 $8,566,918.30 
GEBIE Civil and Construction P/L7 $7,945,371.62 
Tiwi Contractors Pty Ltd7 $7,064,465.53 
Ridem PTY LTD7 $6,384,447.38 
Foremost Pty Ltd7 $6,170,542.39 
Fred (NT) Pty Ltd7 $5,854,399.77 
THE Mining Pty Ltd7 $5,798,755.18 
Blaine Pty Ltd7 $4,736,323.56 
Philips Electronics Australia Limited7 $4,627,426.47 
Far Northern Contractors Pty. Ltd.7 $4,385,802.95 
Downes Graderways Pty Ltd7 $4,187,025.44 
Multigate Medical Products Pty Ltd7 $3,574,340.39 
MPH Carpentry & Construction Pty Ltd7 $3,086,516.50 
ACIL Allen Consulting Pty Ltd7 $2,327,109.65 
Inker Pty Ltd7 $2,282,276.20 
Simient Pty Ltd7 $2,276,140.00 
Octief Pty Ltd7 $2,236,171.51 
Certus Solutions Pty Ltd7 $2,076,735.81 
Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation7 $2,016,956.75 
Tropical Water Solutions Pty Ltd7 $1,888,910.04 
Ngaliwurru-Wuli Association7 $1,621,219.88 
KC Construction Services P/L7 $1,440,975.00 
Deloitte Access Economics Pty Ltd7 $1,282,741.40 
Alice Springs Real Estate Pty Ltd7 $1,239,876.24 
GE Healthcare Australia Pty Limited7 $1,203,066.77 
Roofclad Constructions NT Pty Ltd7 $1,017,919.72 
South Pacificsands Pty Ltd7 $1,016,737.00 
NT Sports & Playground Surfacing Pty Ltd7 $943,013.80 
NT Repairs and Painting Pty Ltd7 $887,865.10 
CBR Trading Pty Ltd7 $792,949.00 
Metro Mini Bus Pty Ltd7 $783,457.20 
Highway QA Pty Ltd7 $757,716.20 
Aurecon7 $743,224.18 
WRM Water & Environment Pty Ltd7 $608,204.50 
Total Ventilation Hygiene Pty Ltd7 $505,463.02 
Simon Byrne Pty Ltd ATF The Trustee for The Byrne Family Trust7 $459,184.99 
Stantons International Audit and Consulting Pty Ltd7 $454,979.65 
Arjays Sales & Services Pty Ltd7 $445,693.41 
Barber Hire7 $426,896.10 
The Trustee for Bluedust Unit Trust7 $397,350.08 
Pritchard Francis Consulting Pty Ltd7 $362,486.48 
First Class (NT) Pty Ltd7 $328,119.20 
CAM Interiors7 $297,311.60 
SD Painters7 $296,230.00 
Elton Consulting Group Pty Ltd7 $294,455.00 
Power and Data Pty Ltd7 $273,668.30 
SRA Information Technology7 $268,717.00 
Aquenta Consulting Pty Ltd7 $266,772.00 
Power Projects NT Pty Ltd7 $262,273.47 
Clouston Associates (Australia) Pty Ltd7 $244,722.00 
Assurance Advisory Group Pty Ltd7 $242,182.74 
Sinclair Knight Merz7 $234,861.00 
Ausurv Pty Ltd7 $208,385.50 
Atlassian Pty Ltd7 $201,197.15 
Area 9 Pty Ltd7 $183,551.92 
DSM Geodata Limited7 $111,691.02 
VPS Land Assessment and Planning7 $74,138.00 
Shawnco Pty Ltd6 $15,636,905.00 
The Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation6 $14,111,524.60 
PTM Group Pty Ltd6 $13,452,742.00 
Jaytex Constructions Pty Ltd6 $13,071,577.20 
Smith & Nephew Pty Ltd6 $12,022,796.35 
B & K Investments NT Pty Ltd6 $10,746,367.70 
MSS Security Pty Ltd6 $8,307,794.62 
Symbion Pty Ltd6 $7,706,010.28 
Honeywell Ltd6 $7,091,013.03 
Agon Environmental Pty Ltd6 $6,088,718.70 
Roper Gulf Regional Council6 $5,984,430.97 
West Arnhem Regional Council6 $5,882,575.81 
Enston Pty Ltd6 $5,808,031.13 
Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation6 $5,083,716.80 
Scatt’s Plumbing Services Pty Ltd6 $4,144,450.00 
MEC Services Pty Ltd6 $3,952,341.39 
Athanasios Athanasiou Pty Ltd6 $3,618,210.00 
Sonwane Pty Ltd as Trustee for Tangentyere Charitable No. 26 $3,598,047.16 
Quadric Pty Ltd6 $3,542,460.90 
ASPL Australia Pty Ltd6 $3,130,488.00 
Quality People Pty Ltd as Trustee for Quality People Unit Trust6 $3,128,928.00 
M. & C. Fior Constructions Pty. Ltd.6 $3,112,653.00 
Water Dynamics (NT) Pty Limited6 $2,981,007.21 
Big River Housing Pty Ltd6 $2,955,534.56 
JN Mousellis Civil Contractors Pty Ltd as Trustee for the JN Mousellis Family Trust6 $2,903,432.81 
Shamrock Chemicals (NT) Pty Ltd6 $2,786,388.11 
Stebel (NT) Pty Ltd6 $2,711,697.78 
East Arnhem Regional Council6 $2,632,602.20 
Charmban Pty Limited6 $2,530,285.70 
JKW Law Practice Pty Ltd6 $2,489,666.66 
Johnson & Johnson Medical Pty Ltd6 $2,453,625.49 
Xylem Water Solutions Australia Limited6 $2,409,837.86 
Ekistica Pty Ltd6 $2,303,388.00 
RHADS Investments Pty Ltd6 $2,282,726.00 
Dalkia Technical Services Pty Ltd6 $2,178,327.20 
MSS Security Pty Limited6 $2,112,675.96 
KAEFER Integrated Services Pty Ltd6 $2,018,001.28 
Esri Australia Pty Ltd6 $1,979,354.96 
ISIS Group Australia Pty Limited6 $1,898,598.82 
D.A.C. Enterprises Pty. Ltd.6 $1,861,821.23 
Benash Maintenance Services Pty Ltd6 $1,853,513.18 
Advisian Pty Ltd6 $1,751,645.83 
Downes Graderways Pty. Ltd.6 $1,648,718.90 
Becton Dickinson Pty Ltd6 $1,614,775.95 
Hydro-Electric Corporation6 $1,558,200.23 
Practical Safety Australia Pty Ltd6 $1,490,611.81 
Kakadu Contracting Pty Ltd6 $1,460,528.81 
Accrete Pty Ltd6 $1,401,411.87 
McRobert Contracting Services Pty Ltd6 $1,395,837.90 
Power Projects (N.T.) Pty Ltd6 $1,357,139.37 
Draeger Safety Pacific Pty Ltd6 $1,311,650.45 
Carl Zeiss Pty Ltd6 $1,309,347.96 
Vystan Pty Limited6 $1,196,539.90 
Morningside Electrical Contractors & Consultants Pty Ltd6 $1,149,017.82 
Talice Security Service Pty Ltd6 $1,055,466.04 
SDARC Pty Ltd as trustee for Dugdale Trust6 $1,014,265.57 
Major Training Services Pty Ltd6 $996,729.62 
Phacelift Consulting Services Pty Ltd6 $968,840.27 
Yellow Edge PTY LTD6 $944,938.62 
Alice Hosetech Pty Ltd6 $885,518.34 
AEC Environmental Pty Ltd6 $854,349.49 
Audio Technology (N.T.) Pty Limited6 $794,095.50 
Semcorp NT Pty Ltd6 $738,080.00 
Zenco Constructions6 $731,224.90 
Rubberduck Civil Worx Pty Ltd6 $719,595.77 
BIG Carpentry Pty Ltd6 $638,517.05 
UNO Management Services Pty Ltd6 $629,790.00 
Centre for Appropriate Technology Limited6 $583,130.10 
Philips Healthcare6 $567,517.28 
Fox United NT Pty Ltd6 $564,202.00 
Actian Australia Pty Ltd6 $553,336.00 
Instinct and Reason Pty Ltd6 $532,023.53 
Easyweb Digital Pty Ltd6 $475,400.20 
CloudGMS Pty Ltd6 $464,786.66 
QS Services6 $439,836.60 
Platt Consultants6 $427,756.00 
Harvey Developments6 $418,568.28 
Zone A6 $415,822.35 
S&R Building & Construction6 $407,859.01 
Plumbing NT Pty Ltd6 $337,988.79 
G P & J L Crowhurst Pty Limited6 $333,437.08 
NT Repairs and Painting6 $327,141.86 
DDC Building and Construction Pty Ltd6 $326,680.00 
Totem Fencing6 $324,292.27 
Alice Springs Convention Centre6 $313,868.05 
OMCS International6 $307,250.50 
TBM Installations6 $306,969.02 
TDC Refrigeration6 $304,577.81 
Drefay Pty. Limited6 $300,277.00 
DEC Installations6 $261,968.70 
Rossi Architects6 $252,268.00 
Frank Day t/as Northern Building and Property Services6 $250,255.66 
Modular Medical Products NT Pty Limited6 $243,919.43 
BT Daley6 $235,768.00 
Jacobs SKM6 $230,777.80 

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