Supreme Court outburst: Darwin teen threatens judge in court, smashes CCTV screen, wrestled by security

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A teen in the Darwin Supreme Court facing aggravated robbery charges smashed a CCTV screen and threw part of it at a judge and threatened him before being taken to cells by security, a legal source has said.

The bizarre incident happened Wednesday morning in front of Justice Stephen Southwood and reportedly involved the teen wrestling with security for a few minutes before being restrained.

A court spokesman confirmed the incident and told the NT Independent nobody was injured during the altercation.

“A youth became agitated when his counsel applied for an adjournment of the proceeding,” he said.

“Neither Justice Southwood nor other court staff were injured during the incident.”

The 16-year-old was later brought back to court by video link where he was sentenced to three years in detention for the robbery, with a further nine months added on for contempt of court.

More charges over the incident could be pending.

“Police have been alerted to the damage caused in the courtroom,” the spokesman said.

The NT Independent understands the 16-year-old is part of a violent family who are well known to courts and police.

“They have no respect for the law at all, they don’t care,” said a legal observer.

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