COVIDIOTS continue to walk amongst us as nine more fined for breaching quarantine orders

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A man from Alice Springs has been caught by authorities breaching his mandatory home quarantine by driving around town, as police threaten those found breaching restrictions could face being placed in supervised facilities.

On Tuesday, NT Police discovered the 32-year-old man was not at his residence during a routine inspection. The man returned home while the police were still at his house where he admitted that he had been “driving around”.

Details on the man’s travel history were not disclosed.

The latest infringement notices come as concerns grow around an outbreak of coronavirus in Melbourne. Police would not say if any of the recently fined are from Melbourne or its “hotspot” suburbs.

Police offered no details on a further eight people, aged 21 to 42, who were all found to be absent from their homes at the time of compliance checks in Darwin over the last two days.

NT Police said only that they were all unable to provide a lawful justification for their breach.

“We will continue to conduct compliance checks and issue infringements,” Acting Commander Shaun Gill said. “For those individuals who choose to repeatedly flout the rules we will find alternative accommodation for them.”

Chief Minister Michael Gunner previously said that anyone who violates quarantine regulations will have their right to self-quarantine removed and will be placed under supervised quarantine, at their own cost.

Mr Gunner has so far resisted calls to keep the borders closed to Victoria, stating that people who have been in localised hotspots will by forced into supervised quarantine if arriving in the NT after July 17.

NT Police and Environmental Health Officers continue to conduct checks on people who entered the Territory after the easing of quarantine restrictions, allowing people to nominate a place of quarantine rather than hotel accommodation.

20,813 compliance checks have now been completed and 103 fines issued, police said.

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