Killed prisoner had been charged after raid following bikie clubhouse drive-by shooting

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The prisoner killed at Darwin Correctional Facility at Holtze on Friday was Benjamin Watts, who had been charged in 2016 after the Gangs Taskforce and Territory Response Group raided a house following an alleged drive-by shooting at the Rebels Outlaw Motor Cycle clubhouse.

NT Police spokesman Rob Cross said in a statement a 32-year-old male prisoner died as a result of injuries suffered in an incident on Friday afternoon.

NT Police are investigating and will prepare a report for the Coroner, the statement said. Police provided no more information.

Benjamin Glen Watts from his Facebook page back in 2011 with his pigging dogs Jess and Woopa.

The NT Independent has confirmed the dead man was Watts, who authorities said rolled a buggy about 1.45pm.

There were several tributes to him on Facebook.

Ash Lacy said: “RIP BUNJI. Gonna miss you. Condolence to your family.”

“Rest In Peace Ben. Thinking of your family, ” Lesley Streeter: said.

Mark Basanez Navato said: “R.I.P. Benny bro.”

“Rip bro was looking forward to slamming some boars with ya again. May you and whippa be smashing the hogs,” Braiden Evans said.

The ABC reported he was arrested in 2016 after Gang Task Force and the Territory Response Group raided a home in Darwin’s rural area and he was charged on numerous charges including possessing and supplying methamphetamine, and possessing an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

“Over the past week detectives have executed a number of search warrants following an alleged drive-by shooting at the Rebels Outlaw Motor Cycle clubhouse,” NT Police said in a statement at the time.

In the ABC report Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Stringer alleged 70g of ice, 300 MDMA pills, $18,000 in cash, three loaded sawn-off shotguns, ammunition and a Taser were seized in the house raid where Watts was arrested.

Another picture of Watts from Facebook.

A source told the NT Independent prisoners are normally only allowed to drive electric buggies but sometimes if they did work in horticulture they can drive petrol buggies to transport gardening waste or materials. They were limited to traveling up to 10km/h in the petrol buggies but the was recently increased to 20km/h.

They said there would most likely be a security camera in the area where it happened.

St John Ambulance and NT Worksafe both attended the scene.

A photo of Watts from Facebook.

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