NT Independent: the role of the adversarial press

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A free press is pivotal to the function of a democratic government and a free society – “free” being the operative word.

There are three equal branches in a democratic government; the executive, the legislative, and the judicial, working together to ensure that every citizen’s rights are protected. But what if these conventions stop functioning as they should?

This is where the Fourth Estate comes in. The media.

The media belongs to the people, not to private or government institutions, oligarchs, or critics. The media are the watchdogs of democracy as it promotes and protects the rights of the people.

Media Debates: Great Issues for the Digital Age, defines the Freedom of the Press as the “right to communicate ideas, opinions, and information without restraint, arbitrary, and despotic control from the government.”

We feel socially responsible freedom should adopt a system of ethical duties.

The NT Independent assumes journalistic autonomy in our reportage overseen by an independent editorial integrity council that is free from political influence.

We aim to promote a more informed public by providing free access to news and information in the Territory.

We believe content “exclusivity” erodes the public interest that is imperative to maintaining the credibility and transparency of a media institution.

When a government routinely supplies information that is in their own interests to a media organisation that doesn’t question it, is it contributing anything meaningful to society? We don’t think so.

And why should people pay for that “news” when they’re not getting the full story?
The NT Independent is committed to telling you the full story – for free.

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