Man jailed for beating girlfriend’s mum with plank of wood

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An Alice Springs man who viciously assaulted the mother of his girlfriend, breaking her arm and leg with a plank of wood, has been jailed.  

The Northern Territory Supreme Court heard Christopher Poulsen, 27, became angry after his victim confronted him about spending too much time at Lasseters Casino in Alice Springs.

The victim then threw a can of beer at Poulsen as the pair continued to fight in a community just outside of the Central Australian capital. 

An intoxicated Poulsen responded by pushing his victim to the ground and arming himself with a wooden plank.  

He inflicted three violent blows on the victim, one fracturing her leg, one fracturing her arm and the other causing a laceration on her head.

Poulsen’s girlfriend attempted to stop the attack, which occurred on December 20, 2018, by picking up a rock and threatening to call police, causing him to flee.

It took police almost four months to arrest Poulsen over the attack, eventually charging him on April 10, 2019.  

The court heard Poulsen had a history of violent offending including seven convictions for aggravated assault.

He has received five prison sentences in the past eight years.

Chief Justice Michael Grant said Poulsen had a tendency to act violently when he had been drinking.

“The weapon you used was obviously extremely dangerous given the injuries that were sustained,” he said.  

“The blows you struck with that wooden plank were delivered with great force.”

 Chief Justice Grant sentenced Poulsen to three years in prison with a non-parole period of two years.

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