‘Thank you, you are all great personalities’: Inside the twisted Facebook world of Raj Samson Rajwin

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United Australia Party Senate candidate Raj Samson Rajwin has been using at least one fake Facebook profile to attack political rivals and named one apparently non-existent person as the Australian “president” of his “International Society of Human Development and Equality” organisation – a private company he runs as the sole director while claiming it is a charity.

Mr Rajwin, formally known as Tilak Raj, who is a serial election loser at all levels of government, answered the phone number posted by the fake profile of Janes Peter on “their” Facebook page this week. He said the number had diverted to his phone for some reason.

Mr Rajwin at first said the Facebook account was one he shared with a group of people overseas, in Africa specifically, and later said he did not know who started the account but someone else in the group had given him access to it.

He said there were many people across the world using it, however the majority of the posts are promoting either Mr Rajwin’s election campaign or the United Australia Party.

The biographical information has Janes Peter as being born in 1990, engaged, working at Charles Darwin University, having studied at the University of Sydney, living in Brisbane but hailing from Melbourne.

There are other posts promoting “presidents” and “coordinators” of the International Society of Human Development and Equality in various countries.

The Janes Peter profile was also used in April to post the text from a July article last year about Jacinta Nampijinpa Price being sued for alleged defamation with a graphic asking, ‘Is Jacinta fit for public office”.

Mr Rajwin said this was not a political attack but merely asking the public’s opinion, and that it was not him who posted it but someone from overseas who supported him. When asked if it was ethical to use an anonymous account to attack a political rival, he said it was.

Janes Peter also published a post critical of the “Liberals’ for backflipping on mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations”.

The account also shared a post from Mr Rajwin’s real Facebook page where he discusses employing teenage girls “cash in hand” for unspecified employment.

When asked why the Janes Peter account had been started, Mr Rajwin said there were many people who were in the Liberal and Labor parties who did not feel safe criticising the parties. When reminded he had only moments before said the account was run by people overseas – and started by an unknown person – he answered a further question about why overseas people would care about Australian political parties by saying that people overseas cared about him and supported him in politics and wanted to see him elected.

He did not explain the discrepancy between the two different accounts of why it was started.

“I have many friends, they ask me to write things for them, so they can write good things about me,” he said.

“‘You want to write ‘Raj is great?’ I given the informational so they can write that. There are a lot of people who want to write ‘Raj is great’.

“You will see me in the coming years helping internationally. None of the other political people help homeless and poor people, and have contributed to the world like me.”

Mr Rajwin then said the “overseas people” started the Janes Peter account to field inquiries from others around the world about his International Society of Human Development and Equality organisation because he was taking too many calls.

When asked why he did not use the existing Global Humanity – ISHE (International Society of Human Development and Equality) Facebook public group page that spruiks the organisation and provides limited information about it, he said people wanted to speak to a “person” even though he admitted Janes Peter was not real. He then said he did not understand Facebook technology and did not know how to create a group page. The Global Humanity – Ishe page is a group page which lists Mr Rajwin as an administrator.

“I don’t know who Jane Peter is. The admin officer uses it to disperse information when people are asking about the Ishe,” he said.

“I am not a liar, some mistakes have happened in Facebook which is not my thing I know about.

“My mind is so busy because of the election. I am clouded. I am so mentally occupied I cannot answer your questions properly.”

More fake Facebook accounts linked to Raj Rajwin

Mr Rajwin denied he was behind another fake account under the name Star William but at a later point said he created the Star William account as an “experiment” to show that people could “communicate with each other on Facebook”.

He then referred to Star William as being a man before being told the account had a female profile picture.

Other accounts that Mr Rajwin admits to running include Raj 4 Darwin, #Raj 4 Territory, Commonsense News Network, and he also seems to run Ishe Ishe, Ishe Middle East, Ishe International, Ishe, a host of country specific ISHE pages, Imur1humanity, (through the administration by a profile called Maji), Steve Jordan, Sherley Johnson, Des Raj, and potentially Khwale Patrick Mukolwe.

Most of the posts in the ISHE pages are in English regardless of the language spoken in the country, and none have posts outlining what the organisation’s functions are in that nation, but include posts about soccer players, random news events, promotion of Mr Rajwin’s election campaign or announcements of new position holders in the organisation in other counties, who may or may not actually exist.

He denied he controlled the Steve Jordan account, but said there might be other fake accounts out there he was not aware of.

Mr Rajwin’s Facebook accounts seem to interact with, and are connected to, a seemingly endless network of fake accounts, many of which could be bots, or previously real accounts that were hacked and then sold to someone else, with an inter-connectedness through being friends of each other and liking and sharing posts.

“They think that I run my whole political campaign through FAKE accounts. They have enumerated a few and they believe there are still more,” he wrote in a post on his legitimate Facebook page.

Buzz Feed reported that basic fake Facebook profiles for sale are called “softreg” and have been recently auto-registered using software programs and can be purchased in bulk cheaply, for as little as five cents each.

They reported there are also “boosted” accounts, which can be manually registered or created using a softreg program with the friends being a mix of bots and mutual follow-back agreements.

And there are “aged accounts,” which have been active for between four and 10 years, and have been hacked and stolen, and cost between $5 to $150 per account because they are much less likely to be flagged by Facebook’s account-monitoring software.

The NT Independent is not suggesting Mr Rajwin has done anything illegal.

In the lead up to the Territory council elections, in which he was running for Palmerston mayor and alderman, Mr Rajwin claimed on the Territory Story podcast that he was previously pre-selected for the CLP at the 2016 NT election. This was dismissed as incorrect by the party’s vice-president at the time.

The United Australia Party did not respond to a request to explain why they chose Mr Rajwin as a candidate.

International Society of Human Development and Equality ‘just a Facebook group’, despite registered with ASIC

On one of the multiple Facebook pages promoting Mr Rajwin’s campaign, and the International Society of Human Development and Equality, the non-existent Janes Peter is listed as the organisation’s Australian president.

When asked why he would list a person who he has admitted does not exist as the Australian president, Mr Rajwin said he did not know if that was true and asked to be sent a link to his own Facebook page.

In another post he lists a different person as the Australian president.

Australian Security and Investment Commission documents show the International Society of Human Development and Equality is a private company registered in 2018 with Mr Rajwin as the sole director and consists of 100 shares worth $1 each.

Mr Rajwin said he had to first start the organisation as a private company before he could later change it into a not-for-profit, adding that he was waiting on the paperwork to be finished and had been hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, even though the pandemic only began in Australia close to two years after he started the company.

He said the International Society of Human Development and Equality had never donated money to anyone but on his own Facebook page he discusses donating an undisclosed amount of money last year to the Indian Cultural Society festival.

When asked about his motivation for starting the private company, he said he wanted to help people learn how to look after themselves.

“How did Jesus do? I don’t want to give fish, I will show you how to fish.’

In the Bible Jesus gives people loaves and fish, he didn’t teach people how to fish.

Mr Rajwin said his personal finances had declined since he began the organisation and blamed a poor economy for being unable to raise money for his private company. It has no website.

One of the Facebook pages lists the organisation’s presidents as being based in Kenya, Sudan, the USA, Congo (sic), Tunisa, Latin America, India, South India, Pakistan, BENGLADESH (sic), the Middle East, Africa, EZYPT (sic), Nepal, Iraq, Georgia, J&K, Pacific, and BACAO. The UK, Italy, Rwanda, Nigeria, Spain, Austria, and Europe are left blank.

Some of the countries have just first names of “presidents” listed, other countries have two different people listed as “president” as the countries are inexplicably listed twice, while sometimes there are different spellings or variations of similar names of “presidents” listed in instances where the countries are repeated.

The NT Independent attempted to contact all of those on the list. Some could not be found in a Google search. Some seemed not to exist. Others seemed to be either fake Facebook profiles or profiles that used to be real people but may have been onsold.

Mr Rajwin, said some of the profiles could be fake but he didn’t know because he hadn’t “verified” all of the people listed as position holders in his organisation.

Other people seemed to be real people who worked in humanitarian or youth work in those countries.

One man contacted, Mahame Rusaza Andrew, listed as the African president, said he worked for the Youth for Development and Human Rights Advancement organisation partnering with the Human Development and Equity International. Neither organisation has a website. He said he had never met Mr Rajwin, who had approached him online and asked to work with him. But he said, he had never actually done any work for Mr Rajwin’s organisation and had never received any money from it.

He finished by asking if the NT Independent could provide him with money for his work.

Another name listed as the “American” president, Jose Luis Urbano, said he was in exile in Venezuela, and asked to be communicated with in Spanish. Through Google Translate he gave various coherent answers to questions about what he did but did not respond when asked three times if he knew of Mr Rajwin or if he knew he was listed as the “American president” of the International Society of Human Development and Equality.

He seemed not to have ever heard of Mr Rajwin although he is a Facebook friend.

Mr Urbano said he was the founder of the NGO FUNDAPDEN, which was formed to defend the human rights of children and families in Latin America. This organisation exists, and media reports in Latin America refer to Mr Urbano as a human rights defender, whose son was allegedly murdered by police.

Mr Rajwin said he did not know why Mr Urbano seemed not to know who he was, or why he was listed as a “president” of International Society of Human Development and Equality. The Senate candidate also did not seem to know who Mr Urbano was and could not produce the name of his “American president”.

Then Mr Rajwin said the International Society of Human Development and Equality was nothing more than a Facebook group made up of people from 70 countries, but could not explain why a Facebook group would need “presidents” and “coordinators” in these countries. There is no complete list of the countries represented on any of the three International Society of Human Development and Equality Facebook pages known by the NT Independent, nor Mr Rajwin’s own Facebook page in his own name.

On the Global Humanity – Ishe Facebook page, which Mr Rajwin is an administrator of, a man listed as the African coordinator and Kenyan president for the organisation, Frkhwale Patrick Mukolwe, asks for donations in a post.

“I coordinator, khwale Patrick mukolwe, we are in need of funds to build churches, material, items, training of leaders, child care, disability.planter and growth Evangelism volunteer.please you can support through PayPal, [email protected],” he wrote.

Mr Mukolwe has a Facebook page which could not be verified and it is unclear if the man actually exists.

In another post on the Ishe Middle East Facebook page, the “intentional coordinator” Shiv Prasad announces a new representative.

“On the basis of devotion, dedication and diligence, Mr ABDOUL AZIZ is appointed to the Representative NIGER of international society of human development & equality. Hope that you will work with honesty, integrity and perseverance for the upliftment of the organization, fulfillment of public welfare objectives and strengthening of the organization. We wish you a bright future. Appointment to ISHE is completely free and is added to the organization for the purpose of doing human service with a selfless mind. All officials, members and consultants associated with the organization are unpaid.”

Mr Prasad did not respond to questions.

The International Society of Human Development and Equality has a closed group Facebook page of 98 members called ISHE (International Society of Human development & Equality) (sic) which has undergone several name changes, but all seem to be about fixing spelling errors, after being briefly called, ISHE (International Society of Human development & Equality). The administrators are Mr Rajwin, and a person called Sahaj Kaur who has a completely closed-down profile.

Some of Mr Rajwin’s biggest fans are from apparent fake Facebook accounts

There is much praise for Mr Rajwin from multiple Facebook pages seen by the NT Independent, with most of them listed as living overseas, in various countries.

Mr Rajwin said he could not help it if people both overseas and locally wanted to praise him, but could not account for why so many people overseas wanted to see him win an Australian election, apart from saying people “thought Raj is great” and asking how the NT Independent could argue that he was not great.

“If someone wants to see me as Prime Minister, what can I do,” Mr Rajwin said.

In a Facebook Live video shared by the Ishe Middle East Facebook page, Mr Rajwin addresses people’s accusations of fake Facebook profiles.

“People say I make many groups,” he said.

“You see many accounts, or whatever, you see all those accounts are operated from a different IP address and some accounts are shared by many of us internationally.

“So I use them but other people use them too in a different country. Those accounts are from ISHE, the International Society of Human Development and Equality which is registered in Australia as a non profit organisation….

“So, my friends please, ask me, and don’t label me. Even call before labelling anyone a thief or convicting them of any crime, give them a chance to answer, that is all I am asking you.

“All you people are intelligent people. Educated people. That is what I can’t understand.”

The previously referred to Star William account is one of Raj’s biggest fans, an account that started off with a man’s profile photo and then changed to a picture of Russian model Anastasia Cebulska. A second explanation given by Mr Rajwin for the account’s existence, while denying it was actually him, was that it was created by someone in Africa or the Middle East.

On May 2, Star William posted a graphic promoting Mr Rajwin’s failed run for mayor/alderman of Palmerston Council, an election that was held last year.

“The one who has the ability, people defame him only, Raj Samson is the winner, he is not going to give up,” Star William writes in another post in distorted language very similar to Mr Rajwin’s own legitimate Facebook page.

Another graphic Star William post said: “The unstoppable Raj Samson is the hero of Northern Territory.”

“Raj Samson’s spirits are so high, the people of the opposition are battered,” read another post.

And, “Raj Samson Rajwin is a world-class leader of the coming time today, there is nothing but the encouragement is very happy that we are a member of Ishe and we have an experienced fire brand leader”, said another Star William post.

In another post, Star William tagged Mr Rajwin’s real Facebook account and wrote: “There is a saying in India that elephants go to market, dog barks, thousand kings, Raj Samson Rajwin, you are incredible.”

Another post from November included praise for the aspiring politician and also comments between different profiles linked to Mr Rajwin.

“Criticism and condemnation people criticize only those people cannot win Raj Samson Rajwin We are proud of you, the way you are fighting life and false people, you are close to success, just don’t be afraid of condemnation.”  Star William, Raj Samson Rajwin, Ishe Middle East, Ishe Ishe, Khwale Patrick Mukolwe, and Mayumi Kiyono were tagged in.

In response Ishe Ishe said: “Agree”.

Mr Rajwin wrote to Ishe Ishe: “Thanks”

Middle East Ishe wrote to Mr Rajwin: “well sir Will kiss your foot in time to come”.

In another post, Star William wrote: “Hello Friends, Dr Raj Samson Rajwin is an emerging star of future, all admirations of him are minimal. He is a great personality with a very simple way of Interacting with all, rich or poor in money, education or status. His priorities which we identify are Taking stand for humanity, and defending human rights, We are lucky to have this great personally along with an opportunity to work for a great organisation called, ‘International Society of Human development & Equality’ Dr Raj Samson Rajwin is the founder of this organisation. I prey for Dr Raj Samson Rajwin’s long and healthy life so that we get his continued support in working for humanity and the human rights Kind Regards Star Williams”.

In response, Mr Rajwin wrote, tagging in Ishe Middle East: “Thank you You are all great personalities”.

Ishe Middle East also loves to praise Mr Rajwin, posting, “Why do u sit on the ground watching the sky, Opening the wings only sees the flight. Our pride Founder ISHE Raj Samson Rajwin.”

And in some words written to no one in particular but that could have relevance to a repeatedly failed political candidate, Ishe Middle East wrote: “You become stronger by losing again and again, your one defeat opens many doors for you, your defeat is the first step in victory.”

While unrelated but notable for its strangeness, the Ishe Ishe Facebook group page shared a Rolling Stone article about the Foo Fighters playing a concert in Geelong in Victoria.

On other instances, the personas when attempting to reply to another’s comments, actually reply to themselves using the same profile, presumably because the person typing is not logged into the correct account, creating the effect of one profile having a conversation with itself.

Mr Rajwin is the United Australia Party Senate candidate for the Northern Territory.

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