Teenage girl allegedly caught with a knife in suburbs: police

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Cops, News | 0 comments

A teenage girl who was allegedly armed with a knife on a residential street has been taken back to her ‘place of care’, NT Police have said.

NT Police spokesman Tim Nixon said in a statement, officers used two patrol dogs, Drax and Quake, to “challenge” the girl, that is confront her and bark at her.

He said that about 9am Wednesday police were told of a person allegedly armed with a knife walking up and down a Muirhead street.

Police found the 16-year-old girl and negotiated for her to let go of the knife, he said.

Mr Nixon said the girl instantly dropped the knife when she was set upon by the dogs and officers apprehended her without resistance.

He said the girl was taken back to her ‘place of care’.

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