More COVIDIOTS fined for engaging in COVIDIOCY

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Another two Territorians coming home from interstate have breached the 14-day mandatory quarantine period and have been fined, but it has not been decided if contact tracing is needed, police have said.

NT Police spokeswoman Elle Arnold said in a statement quarantine enforcers went to the home of a 25-year-old Johnston man who had “recently” flown back from New South Wales and found he was not there. She said they called him and he had gone to buy food but was “directed to return home immediately”.

Border restrictions were changed from Thursday last week, meaning anyone crossing the NT border were forced to quarantine in hotels.

She said a 50-year-old Jabiru man who recently drove back from Queensland, left his house before his quarantine period finished. He was dobbed in by a member of the public, police said.

Further risk assessment will be conducted by the environmental health officers to verify if contact tracing will be required.

Ms Arnold said there had been nine non-compliance cases fined and 3,085 compliance checks done by the Northern Territory Police. 

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