‘Some were speeding, some were drunk’: Rural drivers face wrath of NT Police after weekend traffic blitz

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Drivers in the Darwin rural area are being criticised by NT Police for being drunk and reckless during a weekend traffic blitz that resulted in 47 traffic infringements being issued, including for speeding with unrestrained children.

“The vast majority of these offenders were driving at dusk and at night on and around Fog Bay Road in the rural area,” said Darwin Traffic Operations, Senior Sergeant John Ginnane.

“Some were speeding, some were drunk and exceedingly so. Some were unrestrained as were their passengers, including children, and some were combinations of all those behaviours which inevitably lead to death and disfigurement.

“You might think you’re having fun, but there’s nothing fun about a funeral.”

Snr Sgt Ginnane said rural area drivers need to understand their lives and others are at risk by not following the rules.

“One driver was intercepted after having his speed checked at 147km/h on a 100km/h section of road with his wife and infant child in the back seat,” he said.

“Several others were issued infringements for driving between 31 and 45km/h over the limit on the same stretch of road.”

Police said with school holidays having wrapped up, they still expect the rural roads to be used heavily with the upcoming successive long weekends.

“[We] would like to advise motorists that in light of their behaviour in the rural area over the weekend, they cannot expect sympathy from police when they are caught breaking laws designed to stop people from being killed,” Snr Sgt Ginnane said.

Police were also concerned about the use of unregistered ATVs “in extremely unsafe manners”.

“It’s just not good enough. Three people died on our roads last week. We’ve seen multiple lives lost and ruined in exactly this area in recent times as a result of ATV misuse, and we still have people who think the rules don’t apply to them. One ATV rider found out the hard way they do after receiving a $1,540 fine for driving an unregistered light vehicle.

“This sort of irresponsible behaviour is nothing more than a death wish either for yourself, your loved ones or just as importantly, the loved ones of someone you don’t know.

“Drivers are of course free to consciously make the decisions they do. But if you deliberately make a poor choice, you will also bear responsibility for the result.”

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