More people disobeying quarantine orders to snap selfies, hit the pub

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A couple who recently arrived in the NT from Queensland have been slapped with fines for leaving their quarantine to drink with friends in Alice Springs and take selfies atop Mt Gillen.

The 31-year-old man and 26-year-old woman, who were supposed to be in quarantine, were spotted by the police boozing with their friends in an unnamed Alice Springs pub over the weekend.

The man also went hiking at Mt Gillen to capture the perfect selfie despite earlier being cautioned by police after he left his place of quarantine.

Police did not offer details on their date of arrival.

Another 58-year-old man in Gillen breached the mandatory self-quarantine to visit his girlfriend in her residence. Information on the man’s travel history was not rebealed. His girlfriend’s location was also not disclosed by NT Police.

In Nhulunbuy, a 40-year-old woman was also handed an infringement penalty for hosting people at her accommodation and for consuming liquor in an alcohol protected area.

NT Police attended the location and directed three people to leave the motel.

Nine others, ages 21 to 42, were all found to be absent from their quarantine places in Darwin after NT Police and Environmental Health Officers conducted compliance checks.

They were contacted and were unable to provide a lawful justification as to why they breached quarantine.

Overall, 13 infringement notices were issued over the weekend for noncompliance with coronavirus self-quarantine regulations; while almost twenty thousand compliance checks have now been completed.

The infringement penalty for an individual is $1,099 and $5,495 for a business.

Acting Commander Shaun Gill said it was still disappointing to see people continue to break quarantine.

“It will only take the actions of a few to ruin it for the majority of the community who continue to abide by the rules,” he said.

Police said compliance teams continue to conduct checks on people who entered the Territory after the easing of quarantine restrictions, allowing people to nominate a place of quarantine rather than a hotel accommodation.

Last week, police said they had found a woman from Melbourne working at a store in Ngukurr in violation of quarantine orders, but never said what steps they took to ensure the community was safe.

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