Meth, coke and 50 standard drinks before stabbing childhood friend 10 times: court

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A paranoid meth addict stabbed a childhood friend ten times at a house party in Alice Springs last year, puncturing his lung and causing him to slip over in his own blood, after wrongly accusing the victim of sleeping with his wife, a court heard.  

The NT Supreme Court heard Phillip Tucker, 32, had consumed a gram of methamphetamine, one-quarter of an ounce of cannabis and around 50 standard drinks before the savage attack on August 28 last year.

Tucker had been sitting in his vehicle outside the house when he told another member of the party he wanted to stab the victim, before entering the residence at around 3.30am.

He then confronted the victim, saying “you’ve been f***ing my wife”, to which the victim responded, “I don’t even know your wife”.

Tucker then began stabbing the victim, saying “you’re dead c***”, “no one is going to help to you” and “I hope you die”.

The court heard Tucker stabbed the victim in the back, stomach, arm and leg, causing him to bleed profusely and slip over in his own blood as he attempted to escape.

Other members of the party then intervened, allowing the victim to escape while holding his stomach because he believed his internal organs were falling out from one of his wounds.

He was eventually taken to Alice Springs Hospital’s emergency department where he was operated on to repair a punctured lung, severed tendons and other lacerations.

The court heard Tucker, who admitted to regularly using meth for the past decade, had seven prior convictions for violent offending and had been jailed on four previous occasions.

Justice Peter Barr said Tucker’s “significant criminal record for violent offending” meant a lengthy sentence was appropriate.

“This was a particularly vicious and sustained attack in the absence of any provocation,” he said.

“There is little doubt that if these injuries had been inflicted in a more remote location, the victim could have died.

“Emergency surgery saved this man’s life.”

He sentenced Tucker to 11 years and six months in prison with a non-parole period of seven years.

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