Bystander saves man from fiery crash near Lake Bennett

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A bystander jumped into action to rescue a man whose clothes had caught on fire after a fiery car crash on Sunday night near Lake Bennett.

Around 9pm on Sunday, a 36-year-old male driving from Darwin lost control of his vehicle when he was traversing Chinner Road. The vehicle rolled-over several times and caught on fire, NT Police reported.

Police Watch Commander Senior Sergeant Vicki Koums said the man managed to extract himself from the vehicle and a passerby, who heard the crash, came out to see what had happened.

“She saw the vehicle on fire as well as some of the driver’s clothing had caught alight and she managed to drag him away to safety,” Commander Koums said.

Adelaide River Fire and Emergency Response Group responded to the scene to extinguish the fire.

The type of vehicle was not disclosed.

“It’s not reported to be life-threatening, however, he is one very lucky driver. It could have potentially been a lot worse,” Cmdr Koums said.

St John Ambulance and staff from the Bachelor Health Clinic also responded to the accident. The man was immediately brought to the Royal Darwin Hospital for treatment.

‎St John Ambulance NT Operations Manager Craig Garraway said on Mix104.9 the man sustained minor abrasions and was further assessed in the hospital.

Mr Garraway also said that if not for the bystander who threw herself into danger, the man’s situation could have been worse. She did not suffer any injuries.

He also reminded motorists to always bring first aid kit as it could save lives.

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