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Troubles faced by the police force

As the partner of an NT Police Officer, we have both lived in the NT for over 30 years and my partner has worked with the NT Police for over a decade. During his time in the force I have never had any reason to worry. I knew he loved his job. He worked with a great squad who had his back.

The best part of his job, he once told me, was the people he worked with. This is not the case anymore, in the past 12 months the war on police is worrying. Please do not tarnish all police officers with the same brush. Another concern is after recent events I feel the top brass and the Chief Minister are all politics. Right or wrong I feel they will throw any officer under the bus for politics to save their own asses. I told my partner to leave, I said they do not care about you.

Recently my partner was in an incident in which he was confronted with a knife. He handled it well and was able to disarm the person. A good outcome for all involved. This incident could’ve easily gone very, very wrong. He could’ve been stabbed if it did go wrong.

I truly believe he would not be supported from the top. It seems the truth is not what they are about. It’s about politics. I could not sleep for days. I felt sick. I should be able to trust the powers that be right? My life, my partner’s life, our family’s lives could have been turned upside down in a second and thrown to the wolves. As proven with recent events.

Officers working minimum 12 hour shifts. Leave canceled, barely sleeping, working in dangerous situations, tired when they should be alert. I feel the job is just not worth it anymore.

Again it is just not worth it. I’m concerned that our NTPOL is fractured and unstable. I’m concerned about law and order, I am concerned for our beloved Territory.

Jay, Alice Springs

Controversial RSL plans a dishonor

At no time have I seen anyone ask the RSL who is actually proposing to build at the Darwin Cenotaph.

The Darwin RSL Club is not the RSL, which is open for membership only to serving and ex serving members of the Defence Force. The ‘club’ is open membership and does not even require the board of management to comprise any service or ex service members.

How does this honour the memories of defence force personnel who have paid the supreme sacrifice? On the contrary, the building of a club open to the public at the cenotaph dishonors their memories.

Bob and Valma Wood, Darwin

‘Please report the crime as is’

In regards to the article Man jailed for ‘offensive, disgraceful and perverted’ pictures of sleeping three-year-old daughter published by the NT Independent on September 30.

Why are you trying to downgrade this crime? When I read the title it sounded like the man was just taking some dirty pictures!

When reading the article, “pleaded guilty to 28 charges relating to sexual intercourse with minors …” Please report the crime as is.

“Your victims were not aware of what you were doing and did not suffer any physical or emotional harm.”

Who are these judges? It is disgusting and he is only given six years in jail, with a non-parole period of four years – he’ll be out in two.

Amir, Darwin

On religious freedom

Whatever happened to the separation of Church and State? As I understand it, there is no provision preventing council members choosing to pray, either privately or collectively, prior to council meetings if they believe divine intervention is necessary for them to properly fulfill their duties as elected members of council.

I would, however, prefer that council deliberations are driven by a secular sense of the needs of the electorate. We don’t have to go back too far in Territory history to see how the super-imposition of religious dogma on a democratically elected Government can lead to laws being modified to remain in line with an ultra-conservative viewpoint.

Kevin Andrews, a Liberal, conservative, catholic federal backbencher, stuck his nose where it wasn’t wanted and introduced a private member’s bill, the Euthanasia Laws Bill 1996, which was passed in 1997 and overrode the Northern Territory’s legislation, the Rights of the Terminally Ill Act 1995, that legalised euthanasia in the Territory.

Keep religion where it belongs – in a House of Worship.

Tony Hibbert, Darwin

Take note, Gunner Government

Isn’t it funny how Charles Darwin University has to cut 77 jobs and cut 19 courses because they are running at a $9 million dollar deficit each year. Charles Darwin University is doing what it has to do to remain sustainable and this is responsible management and leadership.

I can only hope Michael Gunner and the NT Government are watching this closely and take some inspiration. The NT Government is also not sustainable at current debt levels. I wonder if they will show the same management and leadership and do what is right.

Shaun James, Humpty Doo


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