Four more people fined for flouting quarantine laws, police stop reporting their place of origin

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NT Police continue to withhold details of where people who have breached quarantine orders came from, as they say four more infringement notices were issued on Monday.

They have also declined to release the name of a nightclub where a 27-year-old man was found to have been breaching his quarantine order.

The four new cases bring the total to 18 in just the last six days. It’s unclear if any of them were from Victoria that is gripped in a major outbreak of coronavirus.

A statement by police, released late Tuesday afternoon, said that a woman in Alice Springs, two women in Darwin and a man in Darwin were all slapped with fines on Monday for violating quarantine orders.

However, the police this week stopped releasing where the people were originally from, following questions over how a woman from Melbourne had been discovered in a remote community late last month

Police said the four latest people, all aged in their 20s, were all found to be absent from their place of quarantine during compliance checks and issued a fine.

The Darwin man admitted to being in a nightclub, after police were tipped off that he had violated his quarantine order. But police declined to release the name of the club.

They also did not state if any of the quarantine violators were put in mandatory quarantine.

Police said 23,200 compliance checks have now been completed and 121 fines issued.

That includes 18 since last Thursday.

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