Driver survives after vehicle collides head-on with road train, drops off overpass

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A man has narrowly escaped a triple crash with his life after his vehicle crashed into a guard rail, smashed head-on with a road train, and fell off an overpass, NT police has said.

A Mitsubishi Pajero was heading northbound about 20kms south of Adelaide River on the Stuart Highway, around 5:45 pm on Wednesday, when the driver lost control of his vehicle, NT Police Watch Commander Acting Senior Sergeant Tony Bennett told ABC Radio Darwin.

“The vehicle lost control and impacted with the opposite guardrail and it bounced back and gone head-on into a road train,” he said.

“The force of the impact has caused the Pajero to leave the road and fall approximately four meters to the ground below.”

Sgt Bennett said the man was the sole occupant of the vehicle and was somehow able to get himself out of the car.

“He is currently in a stable condition at the Royal Darwin Hospital, so that’s good news. However, it could have gone so many different ways,” he said.

He did not detail what injuries the man sustained from the crash.

“It was good work from all involved, including the members from the Batchelor clinic and police, and Adelaide River Police attended along with the volunteer firemen,” Sgt Bennett said.

“We were very lucky that this came out with the result that we’ve got.”

Although the police did not confirm whether alcohol was a factor, Sgt Bennett has reminded Territorians to be responsible by not drink driving.

“With the fast-approaching Christmas holidays, NT police will be conducting high visible visibility patrols in RBT throughout the Territory,” he said.

“We urge all road users to drive sensibly, to the conditions, we have had a lot of rain recently, and of driving long distances, we urge people to take regular breaks. And remember to arrange a Sober Bob if you are intending to have a drink over this Christmas holiday period.”

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