Chair of Aboriginal alcohol action group convicted of drink-driving

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Cops, News | 0 comments

The chief executive officer of the Aboriginal corporation steering the $446 million Jabiru masterplan for the redevelopment of Kakadu National Park, who is also chair of an alcohol action group, has been convicted of drink-driving.

Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation’s Justin O’Brien appeared in Jabiru Local Court on Tuesday morning charged with mid-range drink-driving. Mid-range drink driving is between 0.08% and 0.15% blood alcohol concentration.

He pleaded guilty and lost his licence for six months, while also receiving a $900 fine.

The NT Independent understands Mr O’Brien was caught by police in the township of Jabiru on February 7.

The Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation’s $446 million plan to transform Jabiru into a tourism destination has seen the Federal Government commit $216 million and the NT Government $135.5 million towards the masterplan and the reinvigoration of Jabiru and Kakadu.

Mr O’Brien is also the chair of the Gunbang Action Group (GAG), which is a body from the West Arnhem region who aims to reduce the negative impact of alcohol in communities.

The GAG is recognised as a significant stakeholder in activities relating to alcohol in the region including acting as the main consultant on governing the sale of alcohol in Kakadu National Park.

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