Gunner Government continues to roll out delayed projects before election

by | Jul 22, 2020 | News, NT Politics | 0 comments

The Gunner Government continues to rush delayed infrastructure projects out the door ahead of entering caretaker mode, today announcing the contract to build the long-delayed Palmerston Fire Station has finally been awarded.

A government statement from February 2019, claimed the project had been “fast tracked” with construction commencing in 2019, creating 180 “direct and indirect” jobs.

The government said today that the final design phase had not yet been undertaken but construction would begin in November, creating 240 jobs.

Treasurer Nicole Manison’s office declined to comment on how they arrived at the new jobs figure for a project with the same budget.

The $25 million new fire station is now expected to be completed by “late 2021”, Ms Manison said in a statement.

“Our firefighters do an incredible job, and we are ensuring they have the best resources possible to deal with our tough fire seasons,” she said.

The new fire complex will also house the NT Emergency Services volunteers unit and will also: “feature more room for larger appliances, increased capacity for larger crew numbers on extreme fire danger days, operation and meeting rooms, a training area, a breathing apparatus room, a workshop and communications tower”, the government said.

Local construction company C&R Constructions won the contract and is expected to start construction in November.

The Gunner Government will go into caretaker mode on July 30.

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