Arrest in Jingili after stabbing death near park

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Cops | 0 comments

NT Police have said a man has been taken into custody after the stabbing death of a woman in Jingili.

Police made the statement on Facebook, saying they were investigating the death, but gave no more information.

The ABC is reported it was a stabbing death of a woman in her 30s with a man in his 30s arrested.

Yolanda Mullany said she saw police covering the body about 11.45am as she drove past.

Another woman on the police Facebook post said she saw the covered body on Freshwater Rd near the Sanders St intersection.

NT Police posted on Facebook about noon, saying officers were responding to an incident on Freshwater Road, Jingili.

“The public is asked to keep movement to a minimum in Jingili, Moil and along Rapid Creek. Please follow any direction given by authorities.”

On Wednesday, police laid a murder charge against the man.

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