Two sisters escape COVID quarantine facility, dobbed in by mother who is then forced into quarantine with them

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Two sisters who absconded from the Alice Springs COVID-19 quarantine facility on Sunday to see their mother and a boyfriend are back in quarantine – along with their loved ones, who were forced to quarantine with them after the breach, NT Police said.

The women, aged 19 and 22, allegedly broke out of the Todd facility by climbing over the perimeter fence and into a waiting car on Sunday.

They then drove to their mother’s house who dobbed them in to authorities.

One of the girls was with her boyfriend and “was initially uncooperative when directed to return to the facility”, police said.

All four of them were subsequently directed by the NT chief health officer into supervised quarantine.

Police said they did not believe the women had been in contact with anyone else and had not visited any other locations during their brief stint on the lam.

“It’s incredible that after all this time, with deaths and lockdowns, people are still not taking this pandemic seriously,” said Commander Sachin Sharma.

“The reason we have no community transmission in the Territory and that we are safe is because we have been diligent in ensuring anyone potentially at risk is quarantined.

“Incidents like … this place the wider NT community in danger and will not be tolerated. We must continue to remain vigilant and follow all directions of the chief health officer.”

The sisters are looking at a fine of $5,056 for breaching health orders by escaping on top of the $2500 bill for each to quarantine.

Police said they were likely to fine the pair later today.

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