Taxi driver busted allegedly selling grog from car in Alice Springs

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A 66-year-old taxi driver was arrested and charged for allegedly illegally selling overpriced booze from his vehicle in Alice Springs on Tuesday, NT Police said.

The driver faces two counts of unauthorised sale of liquor and is scheduled to appear at the Alice Springs Local Court on October 13.

The Southern Alcohol Policing Unit alleged the man illegally supplied alcohol to the public. They did not mention if this was the first time the driver has allegedly sold illegal grog or how exactly police were made aware of the man’s alleged bootlegging activities.

Senior Sergeant Alex Brennan criticised people who attempt to dodge alcohol restrictions in communities as “it has consequences that go further than just the sale of overpriced liquor.”

“The Northern Territory Police work tirelessly to reduce alcohol related violence in our community,” Sgt Brennan said.

“Actions such as this make that job even harder as it has consequences that go further than just the sale of overpriced liquor.”

Last month, Independent MLA Robyn Lambley blasted Chief Minister Michael Gunner in Parliament over the rate of alcohol-fueled crime in Alice Springs.

“Crime in Alice Springs is not abating,” Ms Lambley said.

“The people of Alice Springs are continuing to suffer unacceptable high rates of alcohol-related assaults and crime.

“What hope can you give the people of Alice Springs?”

Mr Gunner responded saying, “We have to find ways of doing things differently.”

“We cannot keep doing things the way we always did things,” he said.

“In terms of resources on the ground, we keep recruiting additional police and putting them into Alice Springs, making sure that we are doing the hard work on the front line.”

Engaging youth workers is another key strategy to bring down the rate of crime, Mr Gunner said.

He did not provide figures however that shows his government’s strategies are working.

According to the Northern Territory alcohol policies and legislation reform data for the year ending in June, the number of alcohol-related assaults in Alice Springs in 2020 stands at 848 and rose to 913 in 2021 (up 7.6 per cent), while the number of alcohol-related assault offences involving domestic violence in the area rose by 12 per cent this year.

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