Police Superintendent stops COVID-19 fines at ‘freedom’ rally claiming non-existent permit: Source

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NT Police officers wanted to fine Darwin ‘freedom’ protesters for not wearing masks or social distancing but their Superintendent stopped them, saying they were protected by a permit issued by the Northern Land Council, a permit the organisation says did not and could not exist, a well-placed source has told the NT Independent.

The non enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions came days after Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker told a media conference enforcement was a “key priority” and officers had fined people for refusing to to wear masks while drinking beers at a hotel or backpacker’s pool.

The peaceful rally of about 200 people in Raintree Park in Darwin city last Saturday was at least partially organised by a group called Free in the NT, and was broadly against COVID-19 restrictions and vaccinations but online it describes itself as “uniting the NT freedom community to revolutionise our society”.

Before the speeches began there was 15 minutes of a discussion captured on video between NT Police Superintendent Daniel Shean and another officer who identified himself as Aaron, with organiser Chris Bell from Free in NT, and another man David Cole who was also referring to himself by what he said was his tribal name of Lurnpa.

In that video Supt Shean said he had had a previous discussion with Mr Bell about the fact Darwin Council had not approved the rally, and that the chief health officer’s directions meant they needed to wear masks if they could not socially distance. Supt Shean and Mr Bell may also have talked about other things but no mention was made of the NLC issuing a permit is his summary of it.

“We could negotiate about what could occur today, you’re taken that out of our hands by doing what you’re doing (refusing to wear masks and to social distance),” he said.

“The one thing we’re asked for straight up is ensuring compliance with the chief health officer’s directions and that is the wearing of masks and social distancing.

“That is one thing that will certainly be enforced for the protection of the people in the community.”

At one point he tells Mr Cole that Mr Bell could be arrested.

“…no one will be harmed. Because there is no COVID because there is no pandemic, my friend. Ivermectin kills this,” Mr Cole said.

The video shows Supt Shean and the officer identified as Aaron and Mr Bell and Mr Cole agreeing the crowd would have to social distance, and the organisers would tell people over the microphone that if they wanted masks they could get them from police.

“We’re not here to cause trouble, all right?” Supt Shean said.

“We’re here to seek a resolution, a sensible resolution between everyone.”

Organiser Chris Bell, speaker David Cole and Indigenous elder Jimmy Fejo. Picture taken from Free in the NT video

The NT Independent was at the rally and has seen about 50 minutes of video footage as well. There was no regard for social distancing and about 10 per cent of people were wearing masks. In the first 35 to 40 minutes of speeches organisers we did not hear anyone tell people to social distance, nor that if they wanted masks they could get them from police.

However Mr Bell told the NT Independent it was the first thing he said we he took to the microphone, asking people to socially distance, or wear a mask, unless from the same household or exempt.

Mr Bell did ask people to clap for the police for “working with them”.

And at least one officer did engage in a generally unsuccessful attempt to hand out masks before the mask wearing officers stood at the sides of the crowd watching.

NT Police issued a statement to the media after the event stating “police engaged with organisers before today’s rally in Darwin seeking compliance with chief health officer directions”.

“There was general compliance with the chief health officer’s direction regarding social distancing and wearing of masks,” it was reported in the NT News.

The paper reported there were no fines issued and the NT Independent saw no fines being issued while at the event.

Mr Bell contacted the NT Independent after the article was first published as said the NLC did not give a permit but said they were operating with permission from Jimmy Fejo, who was introduced as a Larrakia elder.

Superintendent Daniel Shean after negotiating with David Cole. Picture: Still from Free in the NT video

A ‘brief’ run down of what was said

In the 50 minutes of proceedings the NT Independent saw, there was the discussion and negotiating with police, and there were two main speakers as well as a welcome to country from Mr Fejo who was introduced as a Larrakia elder – who said Mr Cole was his “interpreter” and hoped he would get most of ‘our’ message out.

There was also a poem written and read by Mr Cole’s daughter T’ara Cole, which covered anger at, or opposition to, the European invasion of Australia, colonalisation, a corporation operating under the guise of a federal government, Indigenous deaths in custody, scared burial sites being built over, COVID-19 vaccines, 5G technology, fluoride in water, genetically modified food, and the mainstream media and “fake news”.

Mr Cole spoke for about 25 minutes, as well as about 15 minutes to the police, and said the following: there was no killer virus, coronavirus [singular] had been around for one hundred years but it was just a mild version of the flu; that coronavirus is seasonal, following a six to nine month cycle before it will fade; that COVID-19 did not exist; that COVID-19 was developed in a USA laboratory and released in China as a bio-weapon; that COVID-19 was a mythical virus; that it was a fake pandemic; that there was no pandemic; that COVID-19 could be cured with sunlight; that COVID-19 could be killed with vitamin D; that normal vitamin D levels reduce COVID-19 hospitisations by 90 per cent according to the ‘World Health Organisation’s database on scientific fact’; that COVID-19 could be killed with ivermectim 99 per cent of the time; that by law the Federal Government cannot approve vaccines; that face masks increased carbon dioxide inside them to levels 9,000 times higher than the safe level for humans; that the nasal swabs used to do COVID-19 test are sterilised with a chemical that poisons people; that the government(s) are hiding deaths from vaccines.

David Cole. Picture: Lurnpa Lurnpa YouTube channel

Mr Cole also said: each Australian state and territory was its own ‘privately owned corporate company government’ registered on the stock exchange to one company called Unidroit which was registered in the Vatican and even read out the Territory’s registration number; and that the Crown formally withdraw from Australia in 1973 and the Federal Government did not hold a referendum, or get a royal seal of ascent for new laws as required to be passed to hold power, and instead set up a corporation and ran it as a business so it had no right to make laws; that tribal lore was the only valid law in Australia.

He also said the US’s currency collapsed on February 14 last year because it could not pay interest on debts, and COVID-19 was a cover for the fight to control a new world reserve currency and bring in a new world order, a one world government that included a mass depopulation, a genocide [sic] through COVID-19 vaccines.

Mr Cole said he had first hand evidence of child abuse, rape and murder at high levels at the ‘top of the system’ in the NT and nationally which had been tabled with state and federal governments but was being covered up, and that he had also given it to federal ministers but it had been intercepted by various agents.

He added that he had personal witness statements of victims of satanic abuse by Freemasons across Australia.

Mr Cole said there were 29 suppression orders in the ‘Australian federal government’ for child abuse rings at high levels in government and one suppression order involved 28 prominent Australians including two ex-prime ministers which has been suppressed by federal parliament for 89 years.

There was evidence of kids being sacrificed in Hillsong Church in Sydney and it was tabled in NSW parliament in 1997, and that Prime Minister gave Hillsong’s Brian Houson a “green card to leave the country” where he fled to the US and now was “probably hiding out in Mexico”, he said.

Mr Cole said 78 kids were rescued with their hands zip tied under a basement in South Australia last year after a report of child abuse in Moree in NSW which led to 135 arrests in three states but it was all covered up.

He said all “corporate private agents and contractors of the government impersonating public officers” enforcing COVID-19 restrictions under the Nuremberg Trials, the Yamashita standard, and the Roman statue [sic] (Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court) are liable for their crimes against Australians.

Mr Cole said every public servant, politician, police officer and member of the Defence Force in Australia was committing criminal offences under the “Constitution crimes act” for impersonating a public officer and he had done the calculations on all the crimes they were committing and it amounted to 29 years in prison [presumably for each person].

Australia’s laws operate under statues that constitute military law under the Lieber Code, and that those in the police and the military were private mercenary corporate agents, he said.

Mr Cole said the NT Police Association takes the money from COVID-19 infringement fines to use for itself.

The rally crowd. Picture: Facebook

Finally, Mr Cole said the Federal Government, after changing the law during a COVID-19 lockdown, could and would use foreign private soldiers to enforce new restrictions and those soldiers would be able to kill civilians with impunity.

He said his group needed good legal advice to learn how to undertake lawful citizen’s arrests.

Mr Cole provided no evidence for any of what he said. He was well appreciated and applauded loudly at times by the crowd.

Mr Bell said people who did not want to have the COVID-19 vaccines would lose their jobs and whole industries would be wiped. He briefly cried while giving an anecdotal account of a man who was sick, a sickness which he personally diagnosed as being caused by having the Pfizer vaccine.

“This man has no idea how to heal himself and no one else does either,” he said. “Apart from maybe naturopaths scrambling to work out how to treat these people.”

He later expanded on this in a message to the NT Independent, and said the man and his family thought it was the vaccine that was causing his systemic inflammation, which they said doctors categorically denied without any consideration, and to which he emphatically agreed.

“I pointed them to the bulletin from the US Food and Drug Administration warning of exactly that,” he wrote.

“The family found a Therapeutic Goods Administration bulletin saying the same thing which they showed the doctor that very night and he was diagnosed with pericarditis as per the bulletin.

“And a day later he lodged a report to the TGA Database of Adverse Event Notifications regarding the vaccine.”

In his speech he said the use of COVID-19 vaccines was “pretty much an Armageddon” coming, and people like himself were speaking out, out of love and concern for everyone, and everyone’s children. He said he had never met more loving people than he had at those types of rallies.

Was there permission given for the rally?

Police officers at the rally wanted to issue fines, which was in line with public statements made by Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker, but Supt Shean told them the organisers had a permit from the NLC to hold the rally, the source, who was speaking on condition of anonymity, said.

NLC spokesman Bob Gosford said the organisation’s jurisdiction under Commonwealth and Territory acts for issuing permits was restricted to Aboriginal land, and Raintree Park was not Aboriginal land.

“The NLC has not, and cannot, issue permits to enter or remain on Raintree Park,” he said.

While Darwin Council chief executive officer Scott Water said they refused the group a permit to hold the rally on the basis of safety.

“Their permit was consistent with previous requests for the rally, however, in light of COVID safety restrictions imposed by the chief health officer’s directions at the time, their application was not approved. The organisers were contacted and advised of the decision.”

People in the rally crowd did not social distance and the vast majority did not wear masks. Picture: Facebook

In the video the officer who identified himself as Aaron tried to talk the organisers into calling the rally off.

“There is an opportunity for you today, for this not to get out of hand, and for it to not go in ways it should not have to,” he said.

“There is an opportunity for us to do this at another time, for you to do this another time when you can get a legal permit system.”

Mr Cole told officers Mr Fejo was a senior Larrakia lore-man for his people, and had given permission on behalf of the ‘Larrakia tribal council’, and said in a later video that permission trumped council’s rejection. He also said in that video they “stood down the police”.

The Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation said the Larrakia tribal council did not exist.

Mr Fejo did not say anything to police, only later giving the welcome to country.

“Your laws are fictitious. You’re a corporate agent. I should be making a citizen’s arrest on you,” Mr Cole told the officers.

“That’s reality. You want to talk about law? We should be arresting you. If youse want to talk about law, youse are impersonating public officers. We should be making citizen’s arrest on youse as corporate officers impersonating public officers.

“Protecting paedophiles while you run a system that’s harming people. We should be arresting you. It should be the other way around. You need to understand your position and know that we know where you live. We know where you live.

“My friend, we are here under sovereign law. You have no jurisdiction. You best leave so we can make our public statements.”

Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation chief executive officer Robert Cooper said that to his knowledge the organisation was not involved in planning the rally and LNAC was not aware of it until after midday on the day of the rally.

“In writing a letter dated 21/8/2021 outlining welcome to country but offering no other connection to anti-lockdown messaging Juma Fejo acted independently and is not a spokesperson for Larrakia Nation and does not represent the views of any majority of our members,” he said in a statement.

“I am advised David Cole is not a Larrakia person and he and his associates do not in any way represent the views of the Larrakia Nation or any majority of our members.”

What the Police Commissioner has said

NT Police have a policy of not responding to the NT Independent so would not comment on whether Superintedent Shean told other officers the NLC had granted a permit or how such a permit would superseded CHO directions anyway.

Nor did they answer why people were allowed to not wear masks while not social distancing, why they were not fined, and why NT Police issued an incorrect statement to the media saying people had generally complied with health directives, particularity knowing there would be video and photo evidence that disproved that

Last Wednesday Mr Chalker told a press conference police had fined five people $5,056 each for drinking beers beside a pool in a Mitchell St “accommodation facility” without masks.

“…(they) were sitting around a pool enjoying some beverages, doesn’t [sic] doesn’t meet the definition of exercise as much as some may wish it to be,” he said.

“We did engage with them. We tried to encourage them, and they ignored our education and hence they ended up with that result.”

Also on that day in a police media release about people being fined for COVID-19 breaches, Incident Controller Sachin Sharma said whether people were NT visitors or residents, everyone was expected to comply with the CHO directions.

“The directions are made to reduce movement and minimise contact within the community. NT Police will take a very dim view of people who selfishly ignore instructions,” he said.

While the day before that Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker told a press conference criminals must wear masks or they would be fined $5,000.

“Now that’s not to say I’m encouraging crime to occur, but I’m free to enforcing in effect, that everyone must wear a mask when you’re out and about, that is a key priority,” he said.

Editor’s note: In a previous version of this article it said Free in the NT had not responded when contacted for comment. Since then Free in the NT’s Chris Bell has provided comment, stating the NLC did not provide a permit but permission was given by Jimmy Fejo.

Changes have been made to the article to reflect this.

This also includes Mr Bell saying he asked people over the microphone to social distance or ask police for masks if they could not social distance and were not exempt from wearing one.

There is also now further explanation of Mr Bell’s anecdote about the man he said became sick after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination.




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