Police locate man stranded in outback with no water amid scorching temps

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Cops | 0 comments

NT Police have rescued a 52-year-old distressed man, who became severely dehydrated after being stranded near Kintore with no water, around 530km west of Alice Springs, amid temperatures that soared above 40C.

Police said the man sought help around 7am on Thursday, telling police he had run out of water and was walking back to Kintore, also known as Walungurru, situated in the Pintubi homelands.

Police did not explain where the man came from or what he was doing in the area.

Remote police officers travelled to the area, where they located his vehicle and footprints 50km west of Kintore.

Further land searches by police and local Aboriginal Liaison Officers continued throughout the day in hot temperatures.

NT Police said they located the 52-year-old man alive near a dirt track under a tree approximately 10km from Kintore just after 3pm.

“The man was severely dehydrated, having not had any water for several hours and been exposed to severe heat throughout the day,” police said in a statement.

He was taken to the local clinic for treatment before being airlifted to Alice Springs.

Search and Rescue Incident Controller Senior Sergeant Michael Potts lauded the teamwork by Kintore police and Aboriginal Liaison Officer and community members after locating the distressed man.


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