New case of coronavirus confirmed in the Northern Territory

by | Jul 10, 2020 | COVID-19, News | 0 comments

The Northern Territory has recorded another case of coronavirus – this time in a US marine, Health Minister Natasha Fyles has said.

The 21-year-old man on deployment to Darwin was in quarantine at Robertson barracks since arriving here on Wednesday.

Ms Fyles said the man arrived on a charter flight at the Darwin airport and was not on a commercial flight or near the commercial side of the airport.

The man was tested by the NT Government and returned a positive reading, she added.

“There is a very, very low risk to Territorians,” Ms Fyles said. “It’s not something Territorians should be alarmed about.

“There was very minimal contact with Territorians. The system captured this person … and we’ll make decisions working with US officials to determine the best care. The system has worked.”

The man is now being treated at Royal Darwin Hospital.

Ms Fyles said another man from Melbourne who was diagnosed last week is still in hospital with “mild” symptoms.

The latest case brings the NT’s total to 32 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

The contingent of about 1,200 US Marines has been arriving since June as part of a scaled back rotation. New arrivals are tested and subject to a two-week quarantine period at Robertson barracks.

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