More rain forecast for Darwin over the weekend

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Expect more drizzly days ahead, as the Bureau of Meteorology says showers and thunderstorms could come to town as early as Thursday and last over the weekend.

The BOM is forecasting 10mm to 25mm of rain possible for the Darwin region while some isolated areas could get rainfall amounts of up to 50mm.

There’s a medium to high chance of rain and thunderstorms for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with the highest chance on Saturday.

However, the rains are expected to only last a few days as the Top End is forecast to return to hotter and drier conditions early next week, according to the BOM.

The new forecast comes as Darwin recorded its highest monthly rainfall for September since 1981, with 77mm recorded at Darwin Airport between last Saturday and Monday.

Meanwhile, a climate scientist has predicted at least four tropical cyclones could form along the Northern Territory in the November to April cyclone season.

Dr. Andrew Magee from the University of Newcastle told ABC Radio Darwin that there’s a 37 per cent chance that the Northern Territory will see four tropical cyclones or more, according to a new predictive tool the university developed called Long-Range Tropical Cyclone Outlook for the Southwest Pacific (TCO-SP).

The new system can forecast cyclones up to four months in advance.

“You might see about three tropical cyclones this coming season with a probable range between three and five,” Dr Magee said.

He also said there’s a 95 per cent chance of La Nina weather conditions next month.

“What La Nina does is it moves the conditions that are favorable for tropical cyclone activity closer to Australia,” Dr Magee said.

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