More interstate travellers fined for breaching COVID-19 quarantine in the NT

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Seven more COVIDIOTS coming from undisclosed interstate locations have been slapped with quarantine noncompliance penalties – two of which have breached quarantine before, NT Police said.

Police have stopped disclosing where the quarantined people traveled from before entering the Territory.

According to a statement, a 29-year-old man in Howard Springs has again violated his mandatory quarantine when he was found absent in his home. He had previously been issued an infringement on June 20.

It’s unclear why the man was not placed in a supervised quarantine after his first breach.

A 25-year-old man in Driver purposely avoided police until he was found to be breaching his quarantine order. This is also his second quarantine noncompliance. Police again did not provide details about the first breach.

Another two people aged 46 and 50 in Humpty Doo arrived in the Territory on June 24 and were later found in Katherine during the time of compliance check. It was not mentioned what they were doing in Katherine or how they got there.

Two people aged 26 and 40 were also handed non-compliance penalties for frequently leaving their hotel room in Darwin to get food.

Another 54-year-old woman, who breached quarantine last month for sailing on a boat cruise in Kakadu National Park with a 47-year-old man, has been served with a noncompliance penalty. Her companion had already been fined.

Interestingly, the NT Police did not mention where any of the recent quarantine dodgers came from or when all of them arrived in the Territory.

The infringement penalty for an individual is $1,106 and $5,530 for a business.

22,843 compliance checks have now been completed and 117 fines issued, police said

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