Manison out as Treasurer as Gunner takes role in new look cabinet

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Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison has been stripped of the treasury portfolio in Michael Gunner’s new cabinet announced on Monday.

In a surprise move, Mr Gunner will take on the role of Treasurer himself, as well as a string of positions he says are part of Cabinet’s economic recovery mission, such as Minister responsible for major projects and Territory economic reconstruction, as well as something called “Minister for Strategic Defence Relations”.

Ms Manison will continue as Deputy Chief Minister and Police Minister, and will assume a new role as Mining Minister as well as other new roles with titles such as “Minister for Northern Australia and Trade”, “Minister for Defence Industries” and “Minister for International Education” – positions that have never existed in the Territory before but which Mr Gunner said were all integral in making the NT the “come back capital” post-coronavirus.

“This is a jobs-first Cabinet,” Mr Gunner said. “We will come out of this crisis with a jobs-led recovery.”

Ms Manison has faced massive criticism as Treasurer, overseeing the net debt balloon from $1.7 billion in 2016 when she took over to more than $8.2 billion and counting by the end of this financial year.

Opposition leader Lia Finocchiaro said it was “prudent” for Ms Manison to be dumped for her poor performance, but added that the alternative was not any better.

“The only person less capable of being Treasurer in the Gunner Government is Michael Gunner himself,” she said.

Natasha Fyles will remain as Health Minister and has taken over as Tourism Minister from Lauren Moss.

“The Territory’s tourism and hospitality industry is a fundamental pillar of the Territory’s economy and a massive job creator,” Mr Gunner said. “Natasha is in charge of making sure that our tourism industry helps lead our comeback.”

The internal power base of Mr Gunner, Ms Manison and Ms Fyles has remained in tact and will be the key ministers on the NT’s economic recovery team.

Ms Moss is the new Education Minister, as well as Minister for Children.

Former education minister Selena Uibo has been appointed Attorney General and Minister for Justice, while retaining her portfolio of Aboriginal Affairs.

Kate Worden and Chansey Paech have been given their first portfolios as the newest members of cabinet.

Ms Worden has been named Minister for Territory Families and Urban Housing, while Mr Paech, as Labor’s only MLA from Central Australia, will assume the positions of Minister for Local Government, Minister for Remote Housing and Town Camps, Minister for Indigenous Essential Services, Minister for Central Australia Economic Reconstruction, and Minister for Arts and Culture.

Eva Lawler will remain Minister for Infrastructure and Minister for Environment and Climate Change, as well as Minister for Renewables and Essential Services.

Paul Kirby will be Minister for Small Business, Minister for Jobs and Training, as well as Minister for Public Employment.

Joel Bowden, who some had tipped to join Cabinet, was shut out of Mr Gunner’s inner circle.

Here’s the full list of portfolios for Michael Gunner’s Ministry:

Minister for Major Projects and Territory Economic Reconstruction
Minister for Strategic Defence Relations

Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services
Minister for Mining and Industry
Minister for Northern Australia and Trade
Minister for Defence Industries
Minister for Agribusiness and Aquaculture
Minister for International Education

Minister for Health
Minister for Tourism and Hospitality
Minister for Racing, Gaming and Licensing
Minister for Alcohol Policy
Minister for Major Events
Minister for National Resilience

Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
Minister for Renewables and Energy
Minister for Environment
Minister for Water Security
Minister for Climate Change
Minister for Essential Services

Minister for Education
Minister for Children
Minister for Youth
Minister for Seniors
Minister for Women

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
Minister for Treaty and Local Decision Making
Minister for Parks and Rangers

Minister for Small Business
Minister for Jobs and Training
Minister for Corporate and Digital Development
Minister for Public Employment
Minister for Veterans Affairs
Minister for Recreational Fishing

Minister for Territory Families and Urban Housing
Minister for Disabilities
Minister for Sport
Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Minister for Local Government
Minister for Central Australia Economic Reconstruction
Minister for Remote Housing and Town Camps
Minister for Indigenous Essential Services
Minister for Arts and Culture

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