Man charged for allegedly biting off woman’s thumb

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NT Police have said they have arrested and charged a man who allegedly attacked a woman’s head and body before biting her thumb off.

Police spokesman Rob Cross said in a statement the 29-year-old man and 35-year-old woman began arguing in a remote community west of Alice Springs last Friday before the man allegedly “physically assaulted” her “head and body” before biting off the thumb of her right hand and running away.

He said police took the woman to the community clinic, and later to the Alice Springs Hospital for treatment. Police did not say what community the alleged attacked happened in, at what time it happened, what caused the argument, any further details of the assault or the relationship between the pair.

While police said the alleged attack happened on Friday July 10, they also said the man “remained at large” until Friday July 10, when he was found and arrested.

Mr Cross said the man was charged with one count of unlawfully causing serious harm and was remanded in custody to appear before the Alice Springs Local Court on August 27.

Police provided no more information about the woman’s condition or whether the thumb was re-attached.


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