Letter to the editor – Are we destined to have a future of party puppets in our electorate?

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Dear Editor,

The Daly by-election happened on September 11, and I’ve seen the new Labor member, Dehran Young, once. I’ve been into his Berry Springs electorate office several times and had some stimulating political conversations with his electorate officer but, the Young Daly has always been ‘out in the electorate’.

Yes, Daly is a big electorate and yes, it was won by Labor largely by the Indigenous vote. But when I finally cornered the illusive Young Daly, I was introduced as ‘a Labor stalwart’ (defined in the Cambridge Dictionary as ‘loyal, especially for a long time; able to be trusted’). I also assured him that I meant him no harm. My first impression has been that the new Member for Daly is a nice young man but doesn’t have a clue on what he’s got himself into.

I’ve managed to get some people in my local area together to discuss issues of concern with Mr Young and even booked appointments with him. These have been cancelled due to COVID-19 and his disappearances ‘out in the electorate’. The Daly Electorate is far more than the Berry Springs region and there are a lot of issues to tackle – in the Berry Springs region and beyond.

The Daly electorate is bigger than Tasmania and is lacking in essential health services, infrastructure and community policing. It’s home to spectacular natural ecosystems and cultural heritage pre and post white colonisation. The NT and Australian governments are developing the ‘last northern Australian frontier’. It’s a staging post for large-scale noisy and destructive agribusiness, mining and war games, and rural and remote community residents’ needs for peaceful amenity are ignored.

It’s a shame that Young Daly has to hide from constituents concerned about the healthy future of our electorate. Many of us want to try to sort out some appropriate solutions towards both-ways learning and working towards a healthy society and environment into the foreseeable future. I’d like our current Legislative Assembly member to also be part of this as most of our past members have been.

The last Member for Daly was almost an invisible man. Are we destined to have a future of party puppets in our electorate who are paid to boost the numbers without caring about the people?

Diana Rickard
Berry Springs

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