First round of myPalmerston vouchers sell out: mayor

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All funds for the first tranche of the myPalmerston discount voucher scheme have now been spent, two weeks after the Palmerston Council launched the program, Mayor Athina Pascoe-Bell said.

The mayor said $40,000 worth of discount vouchers had been spent, and more than 70 businesses participating in round one which began on September 29.

“The top performing businesses were Golden Nail. They had 309 vouchers redeemed,” MS Pascoe-Bell said in an interview with ABC Darwin Tuesday morning.

“[Followed by] Wicked Energy Supplements with 272 vouchers redeemed, and the Roseberry Minimart with 219 vouchers. So, you know, an interesting spread of businesses,” she said .

She admitted to a slow start with the business registrations, but said registrations had increased overtime, and more than 5,300 customers spend more than $225,000.

“Businesses can register at any time, right throughout the promotion, so there’s no closing date for businesses to register, you just need to jump onto the council website,” she said.

Ms Pascoe-Bell said there would be $90,000 worth of vouchers to be spent in October and November, and encouraged customers and businesses to register.

Gateway Shopping Centre’s Paper & Pen owner Paige Watteau has been participating in the initiative.

“The vouchers have been well received by both regular and new customers and it has supported Territorians when they’ve needed it the most. We are grateful for the community’s support,” she said.

Customers who participate in the scheme receive $40 worth of myPalmerston vouchers each day to spend at locally owned businesses across Palmerston.

“You know, if you add them up because Litchfield are doing this as well. Darwin and Palmerston, you can get $120 worth of vouchers in one day,” Ms Pascoe-Bell said.

The next voucher release dates are October 28 and November 26.

To register as a participating business or customer, visit

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