COVID-19 risk: Second Darwin man fined for leaving sanctioned 14 day quarantine

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A 46-year-old Rapid Creek man is the second Territorian to be fined for not obeying a self-quarantine order, NT Police have confirmed.

The fine of $1,099 was issued on April 1 following a compliance check at the man’s home in which NT Police, Public and Environmental Health officers and Australian Defence Force personnel found he had vacated his residence. The man was called and told to return home immediately at which point he was issued with the infringement notice and fine.

It’s the second infringement notice for failing to abide by the Chief Health Officer’s Directions issued under section 56 of the Public and Environmental Health Act 2011. The first instance involved a 52-year-old Darwin man who also failed to follow 14-day quarantine orders on Tuesday.

NT Police did not release the details of when the Rapid Creek man was ordered into quarantine.

NT Police, Public and Environmental Health officers and Australian Defence Force started conducting self-quarantine compliance checks to ensure people are completing their 14-day quarantine earlier this week.

Police said in addition to compliance checks, the teams will also be monitoring social distancing, enforcing the public gathering limit of ten persons, and “strongly advising” Territorians to observe the two person limit, where possible.

Businesses that flout the orders by allowing unsafe social distancing practices can also be issued a $5,495 fine, police said.

“The key message to all Territorians is to ‘stay home, if you can’,” said police spokesman Rob Cross in a statement.

“The public can be assured that fines will be issued to anyone not respecting the community and doing the right thing.”

Police issued the following quarantine stats, as at 8 am on Thursday, April 2:

Number required to quarantine             2,557
Compliance Checks             1,126
Fines issued                    2
Source: NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services
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