Alleged drug dealer charged after threatening two men with handgun

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Cops | 0 comments

An alleged Darwin drug dealer has been charged with multiple firearm offences after he allegedly threatened two men with a handgun in The Narrows on Sunday night, NT Police said.

Authorities said they received reports of an altercation on Shiers Street around 11pm on where a 57-year-old man allegedly assaulted a 28-year-old man before pulling out a handgun and threatening him and a 30-year-old male.

It was not detailed what may have caused the altercation.

Police also did not say if the men were residents of Shiers Street or passers-by.

NT Police said they arrested the 57-year-old without further incident after responding to arriving at the scene.

The 57-year-old man is scheduled to appear at the Darwin Local Court today to face multiple charges including one count of assault – threatening with a firearm, aggravated assault, failure to meet firearm storage requirements, possession of unlicensed firearm, and possession of a trafficable quantity of drugs.

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