‘Absolutely disgraceful’: Woman allegedly sexually assaulted while sleeping at campsite

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NT Police are searching for a male who allegedly sexually assaulted a sleeping woman while she was camping in Mataranka on Saturday night.

Another attempted sexual assault of a separate sleeping woman also occurred at the same location, police said.

Police said the 24-year-old sleeping woman was camping with friends at the Mataranka showgrounds when she was allegedly assaulted by an unknown male who fled the scene when she awoke.

Another woman who was sleeping at the same campground also reported a man pulling on her jeans before she awoke and the man fled.

NT Police said the alleged offender is described as a “young Aboriginal male with short curly hair”, approximately 179cm tall or “possibly shorter” with a slim build and a dark complexion.

Police said he was wearing a black hoodie and “long sandy-coloured pants” at the time.

“This sort of behaviour is absolutely disgraceful and NT Police will be making every effort to identify and apprehend the person responsible,” said Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Hamlyn.

A group of Aboriginal men in their early 20s who were seen in the area throughout the night are also being sought for questioning by police.

One man is described as having “dark, fuzzy hair pulled back in a ponytail” who was wearing a white t-shirt and black jeans and thongs. Police also said another male has long, dark hair and was wearing a red basketball singlet and long basketball shorts with red and yellow stripes. Both were estimated to be 180cm tall.

Police are asking anyone who was in the area who may have seen something to contact police on 131 444, quoting reference number 9692579.

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