Wheelie bin joyride at quarantine facility costs three men $5,000 each after pic posted to social media

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Three men at the Howard Springs COVID-19 quarantine facility have been fined more than $5,000 each after a social media post emerged showing the trio allegedly pushing themselves around the premises in a wheelie bin while not wearing mandatory face masks, NT Police said.

The photo was posted to social media on Wednesday, which showed two of the men pushing the other in the wheelie bin, resulting in infringement notices being issued after it was brought to the police’s attention.

All people under 14-day mandatory quarantine at the facility are required to physically distance and wear a mask when not in their rooms, under orders of the NT’s chief health officer.

Incident Controller, acting Commander Shaun Gill said he was not impressed with the men’s behaviour.

“It’s disappointing that we have had to remind these men that we are still in a health emergency,” he said in a statement released Friday.

“Almost everyone in the centre is abiding by the rules, and we haven’t had any new cases in the domestic quarantine area for several months, but the actions of a few inconsiderate people who think they are above the rules could ruin it for everyone.”

The incident comes as five more cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in the international quarantine section on Friday.

Health officials said the five new cases were related to repatriation flights, but did not specify which ones.

The five new cases bring the total number of active cases in the NT to 13. All positive cases remain at the facility under the care of the AUSMAT team, the government said.

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