Tow truck driver injured after cement truck roll over

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Cops | 1 comment

A 48-year-old tow truck operator was rushed to hospital after sustaining a head injury while trying to recover a cement mixer truck that rolled over at a roundabout in Muirhead, NT Police said.

Watch Commander Siiri Tennosaar said that about 10:15am on Sunday the cement truck driver failed to navigate a roundabout at the intersection of Lee Point Rd and Asche St in Muirhead, leading to it rolling over.

Cdr Tennosaar said the 23-year-old male cement truck driver received minor injuries.

“However, it got complicated by the fact the tow truck came at about three o’clock,” she told ABC Darwin radio on Monday morning.

“The intention was to remove the cement truck obviously from the roadway.

“Unfortunately, a 48-year-old male [tow] truck operator was injured during that process as the cement truck actually fell off the tow truck back onto the road.

“He received some head injuries and had to be taken to a hospital.”

St John Ambulance NT operations manager Craig Garraway said luckily one of their paramedics happened to be driving past the accident scene and stopped.

“My understanding is the person who end up getting hurt in the head was the tow truck driver trying to recover the cement truck,” he said.

“So, one of our paramedics happened to be driving past there and stopped in and made sure the driver was okay and we’ve transported the tow truck driver to hospital with a number of injuries, not too serious but as a result of trying to recover that truck.”

Cdr Tennosaar said traffic restrictions on Lee Point Road, near the Asche Street intersection remained in place until about 7:30pm.

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