Group who entered NT from Queensland by road may have been in hotspot

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NT Police are investigating an alleged border control breach and conducting contact tracing measures after four people drove through a border control point coming from Queensland into the Northern Territory on Monday.

Police said in a statement on Friday that the three males and a female, aged in their 20s, have been “isolated” as police investigate whether the males were in a declared COVID-19 hotspot within the 14 days prior to entering the NT.

“The four people were located in Alice Springs where they have been isolated pending further enquiries being conducted,” police media manager Rob Cross said in the statement.

“Environmental Health Officers immediately identified two females, aged 19 and 24, and a 27-year-old male who had recent contact with the group in Alice Springs and these three are also in isolation. COVID-19 testing and contact tracing in relation to all seven people is currently underway.”

Police did not say when they began investigating the group, only that they had received information from a “member of the public” indicating the males may have been in a declared hotspot.

Mr Cross did not say which hotspot the males were alleged to have been in, nor whether they had shared that information with Queensland health officials.

It was also unclear why it took four days to inform the public.

Police also did not say whether the group will be fined or face other penalties for allegedly breaching health directions.

According to the statement, 31,473 compliance checks have now been completed and 146 fines issued.

Police are also asking anyone with information relating to COVID-19 non-compliance concerns to call the 131 444 or the COVID-19 hotline on 1800 020 080.

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