Dodson still in $290k a year gig after Chief Minister expressed ‘no confidence’

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Treaty Commissioner Mick Dodson has yet to officially resign from his lucrative role despite Chief Minister Michael Gunner stating that he has lost confidence in his ability to do the job following allegations of improper conduct.

Mr Gunner was forced to write a letter to Mr Dodson after mounting political pressure to deal with allegations Mr Dodson had called a woman a “slut” and threatened to “know her f**king lights out” during a football match in Darwin earlier this year.

Advisers to the Chief Minister had told Sky News last week that Mr Dodson was expected to resign after receiving the letter.

However, Mr Gunner told reporters in Alice Springs yesterday that he not yet received the official resignation.

“So, we’ve formally expressed our position to him,” Mr Gunner said. “He’s aware of that. I have not received a formal resignation yet.

“So, it’s more probably fair to say it’s in the middle of a process.”

Sky News had reported another woman had come forward last week to allege she had been verbally abused by Mr Dodson during a 2018 Indigenous Governance Awards event in Alice Springs.

The NT Independent understands a dozen women have raised similar stories of verbal abuse directed at them by Mr Dodson over the years.

Mr Dodson and his lawyer David DaSilva have not responded to questions.

Mr DaSilva would not confirm nor deny the allegations previously and said his client suffered from PTSD and was seeking treatment and needed to be left alone while remaining in the $290,000 a year job.

Mr Gunner said removing Mr Dodson from the position with a vote in Parliament was one of the “options available to us, but I’d like to think this could be resolved much sooner than that”.

Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro hammered the government over its handling of the issue last week, suggesting it was the latest in a long line of cover-ups by the Gunner Government, which would have seen no action taken had it not been leaked to the media.

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