Busy Easter long weekend for Territory ambos

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A man caught between two buildings after attempting to scale them, another man who shut down a street after climbing seven stories and a teen driver who survived a car rollover in the rural area were all part of a busy long weekend for St John Ambulance crews across Darwin.

St John Ambulance Regional Manager Andrew Everingham said the events kicked off on Friday when a 19-year-old male in Woods St, Darwin fell between two buildings after appearing to attempt parkour, jumping from one building to another, to allegedly try to access his residence.

He had to be extricated by police.

“The patient was wedged in between two buildings,” Mr Everingham told ABC Radio Darwin. “He’d managed to retrieve his mobile phone and make the call for assistance.

“It took a fair bit of extrication assistance from police but they’ve actually managed to extricate that male. Getting out between those buildings relatively unscathed, he had minor injuries and he was transported to Royal Darwin Hospital.

He did not mention if alcohol or drugs were suspected.

“I’m not exactly sure how he managed to get to where he got to, but I think it looks like [he’s] had a fairly enjoyable evening and then somehow made a decision that he was going to try to gain access to these residences and took some risky decisions and he ended up in a spot of bother.”

Meanwhile, yesterday morning, St John crews attended a single-vehicle rollover on Whitewood Rd in Howard Springs at about 9am.

“The vehicle had left the road and ended up in a culvert and it’s rolled,” Mr Everingham said. “There was a 17-year-old male who was transported with minor injuries, thankfully, to the Royal Darwin Hospital.”

Ambos also responded to an incident in Mitchell St near Discovery Nightclub around 3:40am Monday where a 24-year-old man had climbed nearly to the seventh floor of the outside of a building in the CBD.

“During that time, a large crowd had gathered,” Mr Everingham said.

“He’s then jumped approximately two meters across to another pole, and successfully jumping to that pole was able to make his way down to the ground.”

He was met by police and paramedics and transported to Royal Darwin Hospital for further treatment and assessment.

On Monday afternoon, paramedics also responded to a 72-year-old male in East Point aerodrome who sustained “nasty’ hand injuries from a model helicopter. He was brought to the Royal Darwin Hospital in a stable condition.

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