Bottles and rocks thrown at police and ambos at 3am by Alice youths

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A throng of Alice Springs youths violating coronavirus gathering restrictions overnight Wednesday began throwing bottles at police when they attempted to converse with the group, according to the NT Police.

There were also reports of rocks being thrown at a St. John Ambulance and a taxi during the incident.

NT Police say they discovered the group of 150 juveniles around 3 am and attempted to explain COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing rules when nearly half the group became aggressive and threw bottles.

Police requested further assistance and the group eventually dispersed upon the arrival of more police.

NT Commissioner Jamie Chalker expressed his dismay over the “ignorance” of some people in the midst of efforts to mitigate the threat of COVID-19. 

“Mass gatherings go completely against the national messaging and the high importance that everyone is placing around self-quarantine at the moment, ensuring appropriate social distancing,” Mr Chalker said.

The Police Commissioner has confirmed that most of the people in the mass gathering were Aboriginal juveniles. He called out community leaders to guarantee that these youths are made aware of what’s happening globally and the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

 “It is beyond comprehension that nobody amongst that 150 in particular, or those who are parents or guardians of those juveniles, would have no awareness of COVID-19, nor the strict measures we have moved to,” Mr Chalker said.

“Frontline responders are leading the way to ensure the safety of people and to save lives. We have no time for ignorance. We need everyone to bond together.”

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