Yarn of the week: 100 per cent false yarns about Territorians who may or may not exist

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Do you have a 100 percent false yarn? We are publishing the best yarn of the week and we want to get your submissions that offer a fun, positive view of the Territory and its characters.

Send your submissions to [email protected] or direct to our Facebook page inbox.

The only rules are that it must be Territorian and 100 per cent false. Alluding to characters who may or may not be real is up to you. You can remain anonymous or be named as the author.

Yarn of the week, May 20th, 2022

Sam is six years old and is the son of Mason, who works at the NT ICAC. It was “bring your kid to work” day and little Sam was going into the ICAC office.

Before walking in they diverted into the Roma Bar where Mason went every morning for a coffee, and on this occasion bought a juice for little Sam too.

Franky was behind the counter at the Roma bar and greeted both with her normal beautiful smile and said, “Hey little fella, what’s your name”.

Before Sam could respond Mason interjected and said, “don’t ask him any questions, he is dumb and will say something stupid”.

Franky felt sorry for little Sam and said, “he can’t be that stupid, here I’ll do a test”. Franky grabbed a 20-cent coin and a dollar coin out of the till and held them up to Sam and said “now you can keep one, but only one, which one do you choose?”.

Sam put his hand out and took the 20-cent coin. Mason said, “See he is not that bright”. And they both headed up to the ICAC office.

Later that day around Lunch little Sam came back down without his dad. Franky was still there and was feeling sorry for him and gave him an ice cream.

Still refusing to accept little Sam was dumb she asked “Hey Sam, why did you choose the 20 cent coin and not the dollar coin”. Sam, licked his ice cream and said, “Dad thinks I’m dumb, but at least I know if you take the dollar the game is over and he should be the one to know that”.

Yarn of the week, May 4th, 2022

Kev has a block out the back of Darwin River, where he goes most weekends to get away from his unit in the city and refresh from working his mundane job for some not for profit that lives of the Government.

He was driving back to town one Sunday saw a sign on a fence on Cox Peninsular Rd “Talking dog for sale”. Kev thought to himself clearly the owner of this joint must be selling some good weed and he went in to entertain himself and maybe score. He walks in and sees a bloke sitting on his front deck in a rocking chair and had the rural smile of at least four teeth. Next to him was a Dog that looked to be mostly Labrador. Kev says to the man “What’s ya dogs name?” Before the man could respond the dog said “Don’t be rude mate you can ask me directly, me name is Boof”

After the shock Kev recovers and says “So, what’s your story”. Boof replies “Well I worked out about 2 years ago I could talk, I told a few people down at the pub and then I was recruited by NT Police to do special ops hanging around people of interest and reporting back to the brass. No one would ever think a dog would be eaves dropping”

“I became one of their most valuable assets, I got great intel on the cocaine sex scandal, I even hang around the Darwin Turf club for the ICAC for a few months so they didn’t have to record everyone.”

“So why aren’t you there now” Kev asked.

Boof replied “Well, Chalker and Smalpage had me on the case of finding the NT Independents leaks form the NT Police but I couldn’t find them so they sacked me”

Kev was absolutely amazed, and he asked the owner “How much do you want for the dog”

“Ten Dollars’’ the owner replies

“TEN DOLLARS? This dog is amazing! Why on earth are you selling it so cheap?”

“Because he’s a liar. He never did any of that shit” the man said.

It is unknown if Kev ever scored any weed.


Yarn of the week, April 27, 2022

Geoff and his best mate Jaz lived on neighbouring properties that bordered on the Katherine River. In the runoff they would go down to the river and catch cherabin for bait. One evening they grabbed their bucket and headed down with a few coldies and as they neared the river, they could hear voices shouting and laughing with glee.

As they got closer, they saw a bunch of young ladies skinny dipping in the river. Both men being of reputable character made the ladies aware of their presence and the ladies made their way to deeper water.

One of the girls shouted “We’re not coming out until you leave”.

Geoff frowned, “We didn’t come down here to watch you swim naked”.

Then Jaz held up the bucket and said, “We only come down to feed our pet crocodile”.

Jaz was always a little quicker on his feet than his best mate Geoff.

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