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Lord Mayor’s statement inconsistent, lacks credibility

There have been many inconsistent statements/representations made by the Lord Mayor in relation to the RSL proposal.

It is confusing, and frankly, lacks credibility.

The number of confidential matters recorded makes you wonder if the Lord Mayor is running an MI5 operation.

There should be an independent inquiry into the current management, especially in connection to the RSL and Throb proposals and the dealings with the public land.

Lucy Zhao, Darwin

Members of Parliament disrespect ceremony

Several friends and I attended the opening of Parliament for the first meeting of the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday, October 20.

Security told us that there would be a smoking ceremony and welcome to country, followed by an inspection of the troops by the NT Administrator in the forecourt before the proceedings moved to the chamber.

Instead our MLAs ignored their proceedings agenda and did not come into the forecourt for the ceremonies there.

Only six MLAs came out to the forecourt for the smoking ceremony (Ngaree Ah Kit, Kate Worden, Chansey Paech, Nicole Manison, Lauren Moss and Laurence Costa), and no MLAs were present for the army marching in, the arrival of NT Administrator, Vicki O’Halloran, or her inspection of the troops, which all happened in a deserted forecourt, occupied only by the troops, the NT Administrator and several people from Protect NT with an anti-fracking banner.

Why? Surely a single banner wouldn’t have scared our MLAs from coming outside?

While I can’t speak for them, I believe this disrespectful behaviour by our MLAs is an insult to the Larrakia people, an insult to the NT Administrator, and an insult to our Defence Forces

Pauline Cass, Litchfield 

Micknormous G – Where my art galleries at?

Gunna sick of fucking around?

The Alice Springs residents must be sick of being the fuckees in the battle for Anzac oval.

It is clear that they are so desperate to build their monument to stupidity there that they will trample everyone that gets in their way.

Art galleries struggle to survive at the best of times.

Just look at Provenance gallery in Darwin.

It looked like a great place to buy Indigenous art.

With no tourists around and sales seasonal at the best times the Alice gallery will need to be government sponsored forever.

Phil Adams, Darwin

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