‘It left footprints in the mud about the size of dinner plates:’ Monster croc versus medium macropod

by | Oct 18, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Kakadu fisho Glenn Teale has snapped pictures of a “noticeably displeased” monster crocodile, that “left footprints in the mud the size of dinner plates”, with a wallaby in its mouth while out fishing in the national park.

Mr Teale said he was fishing on Thursday when he took the snaps on Yellow Water Billabong in Kakadu National Park.

“I only spotted this croc because it moved in the leaves and it sounded big,” Mr Teale said.

“It actually took a moment to find it, up on the bank, as it blended in to the shadows so well.”


Mr Teale said the croc was “noticeably displeased” when he brought his boat closer towards it, and it quickly escaped into the water clutching a wallaby in its jaws.

“It left footprints, in the mud,” Glenn said, “about the size of dinner plates.”

Later on Facebook his mate Glenn Brooker joked: “Skippy gone to heaven bro !!”

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